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Thread: OT: Walt Disney's Signature

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    OT: Walt Disney's Signature

    Does anyone here have any items signed by Walt? I don't know much about his signature, but it appears there is a printed and a cursive version. Would love to see what you all have!

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    I have coveted one for a long time. But to find a verifiable one for less than an arm and a leg is the problem.

    Will probably break down some day and spend the money, they won't be getting any easier to find as the years go by.

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    I have one from the 40s and one from the 50s. Both come from Phil Sears.

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    Sears provides Disney autographs to the Disney company when they need one for a promotion, etc. He's great at what he does. The other nice thing is he offers a 10 month payment plan if you're hesitant about dropping $1,000-3,000 on a single item.

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    Phil Sears is the one and only source for real Disney signatures.

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    I have this one from Phil Sears as well:

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    wow! that's nice!

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    thats a beautiful piece man.
    A Walt Disney auto would probably be my holy grail.

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