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Thread: WTB/WTT: Avengers Movie 6" Walmart Loki

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    WTB/WTT: Avengers Movie 6" Walmart Loki

    Raccoon wave hawkeye loose
    Raccoon wave wrecker loose (no baf piece)
    Terrax wave Thor loose
    Walmart Thor movie wave comic Loki loose
    MLI now cap loose (no baf piece)
    IML Ultron loose (no baf piece)
    Puck's arms
    Ret wave ult roadblock loose

    Looking for these walmart movie figs...
    War machine
    Mark 4 (prefer to get the tony head with it)
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    "The Wookie has no pants."

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    Updated haves and wants.
    "The Wookie has no pants."

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    I tried to pm you, but your message box is full. Do you still have the Tyreese available?

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    Updated and inbox cleared.
    "The Wookie has no pants."

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