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Thread: WTB: Speeder Bike Premium Format

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    WTB: Speeder Bike Premium Format

    I regretfully sold mine a year ago to save space and fund other items. Now that I have started to unpack all my PF's and have them displayed together, I'm really missing this one. If anyone is silly enough as I was or of course needs some quick cash I'm willing to buy one as soon as possible. Must be complete and in mint condition. Also must be willing to ship right away. Once a deal is made I will send money via paypal immediately. Let me know.


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    Good luck on your hunt my friend

    Never had the chance to see one in person.... I'm sure it's just amazing

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    Thanks Gartogg, this is going to be a tough one to get back. Usually they don't go up for sale often and when they do people are asking ridiculous prices. We will see what happens. I sold mine for a good price on the SS freaks board so hopefully I fine one for a decent price as well. At least I know if I ever get one in my collection again I will never let it go!!
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    Found one from a fellow board member and it's on the way. Please lock up!!

    Thank you

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