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Thread: Luke Skywalker ANH Lightsaber Replica Graflex w/ Sound and Light Duelable SOLD

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    Luke Skywalker ANH Lightsaber Replica Graflex w/ Sound and Light Duelable SOLD

    $650 or best offer +$10 shipping CONUS (pm for international rates). Paypal personal payment or add 3.3% to the final negotiated price
    Gorgeous replica graflex lightsaber from Star Wars a New Hope This is the first lightsaber ever shown in the Star Wars movies

    Your chance to get one of the most screen accurate WORKING models of this lightsaber ever made.

    Great for fighting with your friends
    (Although this saber has never been dueled with)

    3D accelerometer based motion detection with extreme fine tuning of motion parameters

    Uses a high-end Petit Crouton 2.0 sound board.
    8 swing sounds which will vary depending on the type of swing
    8 clash sounds
    Ignition and power down sound
    Motion activated sound clip of Obi-Wan "stretch out with your feelings"
    Boot up sound Obi-Wan "This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight" (Straight from the first lightsaber reveal scene)

    Hilt Materials
    Parksabers hilt
    Made of a beautiful nickel plated brass, just like the real lightsaber used in the movie
    Includes hard rubber grips (not the mushy soft stuff on the force fx)
    Screen accurate bubble strips (these are rarely made correctly on replicas) from rebel scum
    Removable graflex clamp and bottom half of hilt for access to electronics

    Extremely bright Blue LED (pretty sure this is a tri-rebel white-blue-blue, but if this is an issue make sure to pm me and I can confirm)

    Flicker effect to mimic the flickering of an actual blade
    Flash on Clash- Blade flashes on impact, with an extra bright white/blue with a hint of magenta color (hard to describe but looks screen accurate)

    Contains rechargeable Li Ion batteries
    Requires a 7.4 Li Ion Smart charger (charger will be an extra $18 message me at the end of the sale if needed, will ship separately. Or I can direct you to an online store that sells them)
    Electronics are housed in a protective case
    Removeable SD card to change motion sensitivities to your own dueling style

    Luke's lightsaber in A New Hope and Empire Strikes back was made from a vintage graflex flash handle.
    This saber is almost an exact replica

    This hilt is made to almost the exact specs as Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in Star Wars A New Hope.
    This is much more accurate than the force fx sabers, and the quality of materials is lightyears ahead

    This lightsaber did not come with a blade. However a blade can be provided upon request.

    This saber is in excellent condition. It has never been dueled with and is in the exact same condition as I originally received it.

    Lightsaber is working insofar as it can hold a plastic tube, lights up, makes sounds and can be dueled with. This does not emit a thin blade of energy that cut cut through any material.

    Lightsaber does not come with stand
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