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Thread: FS: Loose Figure Lot plus others

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    FS: Loose Figure Lot plus others

    Looking to sell this loose lot for $560AUD / $500usd

    Most figures are mint and were pulled of damaged cards years ago.There are additional weapons not pictured that will be included in this lot.

    I also have loads of other loose figures im looking to part with including first 12 and last 17 figs.If your looking to buy individual lots please send me a list of what your after and i can can dig them out.

    WTB:Ugnaught ESB 45 Back proof & POTF Cromalin.
    Always interested in buying first Shots,Proofs,Cromalins & Miscards of different characters.

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    PM'ed you regarding another loose figure

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    Pm for another loose figure...

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    Hi Aussie,

    I tried to PM you but it seems your mailbox is full.

    If you are able to or inclined, I'd love to look into making a "lot" out of the blue saber Jedi Luke and some Stormtroopers, along with any other original weapons you may have. I am pulling my collection out of storage and finding that I appear to be missing a lot of weapons...


    Yub Nub!

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    Hi Nick

    You inbox is full - if it hasn't sold already then I would like to take this set for the asking price. I would also be interested in any other loose figures that you have - could you drop me a PM when you can

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    Nick sent you an email. Let me know.
    My Feedback
    WTB Lili Ledy Loose, Klaatu, Vlix complete, Han 12 back and Han ESB Contact me.

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    Interested in Luke Stormtrooper (complete), if it isn't already sold that is.

    (your inbox is ... oh well)

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    Hi Aussie,

    Tried to send PM but your inbox is full.


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    Would be interested in other figures if you could let me know what you have it would be much appreciated. The only thing that I am not interested in is Blue Snags, I have too many of those already

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