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Thread: Do you could Blue Snaggletooth as his own figure or a variation

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    Do you could Blue Snaggletooth as his own figure or a variation

    With a question here asked if Yak Face makes a set complete, I thought I would ask about a blue snaggletooth? I don't really see him as a variation. He is so much different than the other snaggletooth. He is his own figure to me and I wouldn't say a figure set is complete with him but I also would count the Jabba band guys in that list also.
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    I count it like the extra R2's, 3PO, and the two Bespin Guards. Same character, two distinct and individual figures.


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    I say he is a figure all his own. I look at him as a discontinued figure vs a variation of the red snag. Same name, way too different to be considered a variation.

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    He's a unique figure, IMHO!
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    He's not even a figure, he's an accessory like Jabba's bong!

    Ok, but seriously. It's like 3 leg R2. Some people consider him a variant, but he only came with the droid factory, just like Blue snag only came with the Cantina set. To me it's kind of dumb to have him on his own and not as part of that set because he never came that way.

    Now as with the Yak face thread, I'm only being half serious. The point is that no collection is ever complete as long as there are still toys out there to collect, so you really shouldn't worry about it and just get what you want... but if we are going to debate the finer points of categorization, then I'm going to get technical and call blue snag an incomplete Cantina playset.

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    I consider Blue Snag a unique figure, although not part of the main line. Same with Yak.
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    like the others i agree, he is a stand alone figure, and an iconic one at that, no set is complete without him.

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    I agree that blue snag and VC Jawa are stand alone figures -- they were original inaccurate versions of a character and re-released accordingly.

    Yak Face? He's his own character (as overrated as the figure is IMO). He's part of the line, for sure.
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    To me, a set without Blue Snag is like a woman without a nice caboose. Sure, a woman without a nice caboose is still a woman to some people. But she sure as hell is not a woman I want anything to do with....

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