I posted this in Autographs and Photos, but thought I'd add it here as well in case someone misses it there. I have 1 more place to fill for this project and would really like to help someone out who is interested in getting an amazing Imperial piece with 8 signatures on, that can be added to in the future.

Hi all,

After being jealous of the last Imperial signing Interest: Imperial Officer and Trooper Signing a couple of years ago and missing out myself, I was wondering if anyone else was interested in starting a new Imperial piece.

I am looking to go to the following 3 cons here in the UK this year and here are the Star Wars guests listed so far (some with their Autograph prices):

London Film Memorabillia Convention 29th March
London Film Memorabilia Convention | Dates & Guests

Julian Glover 15
Michael Culver 15

Planet Folkestone Geekfest 2014 10th May

(No prices listed so far)
Dave Prowse
Ken Colley
Paul Markham
Alan Flying
Ken Coombs
Derek Lyons
Pam Rose
Nick Joseph
Brian Wheeler
Michael Henbury

London Film and Comic Con 11th-13th July
Summer Guests - London Film and Comic Con

Ian McDiarmid 70
Dave Prowse 15
Kenny Baker 15
Jeremy Bulloch 15
Quentin Pierre 10

As you can see from this list there is Julian Glover, Michael Culver, Ken Colley, Alan Flying, Paul Markham, Ken Coombs and Jeremy Bulloch who all played Imperial Officers as well as Dave Prowse and Ian McDiarmid who could also be added to the same piece.

What I was thinking of doing is seeing if 5 people would be interested in starting an Imperial piece with me and I would be able to travel to these cons to get the items signed for you. All I would ask extra is enough to cover my expenses (so for the 2 London cons 5 from each of the 5 people and a bit extra for the journey to Folkestone, something like 8-10 each).

I am thinking it would be easier for me if it was Official Pix photos that were signed rather then carrying posters around etc. Also for the 5 people who sign up with me for it I will also be willing to pick-up additional autographs for you from the cons (though Ian McDiarmid I would think would be limited to 5 sigs and I would want to get 2 for myself), though everyone else I am sure would be okay.

Sorry if this sounds a bit garbled I am thinking of things as I type and of course can answer questions as I go. I just want to get the heads up as I am looking to do an order through Official Pix myself in the next couple of weeks and was thinking that if it was easier I could order some other items to get sent straight to myself if the money was sent to me via PayPal in advance.

Here is a little bit about myself

My name is Graham and I live on the outskirts of London. Though I don't post much on here I visit this section of the forums on a regular basis to look at everyone's amazing pieces that they have got signed. I have been collecting Autographs since just after the release of TPM, (Ray Park being my first auto), I am a regular to London Film and Comic Con every year, only missing the first one as I didn't know about it! As well as Star Wars I also collect Firefly/Serenity, Doctor Who, Cult 70's and 80's movies like Aliens, BTTF, Terminator as well as TV series like 24, TWD and also anyone involved with Chelsea Football Club. I have often picked up autos for friends and family, the only person I have picked anything up for here was a couple of items for WedgeWannaBe at 2012's LFCC, so am afraid I don't have a lot of feedback, but I want to show you that us guys in the UK are not all like Squirtchy.

It would be good to hear from you, feel free to PM me or add to this post I will get back to you as quick as I can, I am usually online most evenings so can give you regular feedback/updates etc.

I am sorry I can only offer 5 people the opportunity, it's just that things start to get a bit out of hand especially at the bigger Cons like LFCC and to those people that are able to do it I take my hat off to you!

Best wishes,