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Thread: New collection room teaser picture

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    New collection room teaser picture

    One of my favorite sections of my new room AFA 75 sears cantina, AFA 80 lp issue landspeeder , c9 sealed sandcrawler, c9.5 sealed land of the jawas, special offer cloud city greedo, wulrasman, hammerhead and red snag all AFA 85 overall, double telescoping saber luke c9, collector series Darth vader tie fighter c9, and the top of an ESB millenium falcon bespin picture c9 .
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    more pictures added

    i`ve added some photos of my new room

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    That is some awesome stuff you have there. I love the way you have it displayed. That boxed sandcrawler is super nice. That is one that is on my radar for acquiring now. Thanks for sharing.
    Always looking for vintage store displays, vintage shipping boxes and Jawa items. My feedback Thread

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    Everything you see in the collection is factory sealed , everything vehicle and playset related is a minimum afa grade of 80, with the exception of the sears cantina afa 75 and the canadian shrinkwrapped pink snowspeeder afa 75, every figure is minimum overall grade of afa 85 with the exception of 5 from the last 17, every one unpunched except lumat tri logo which was a fathers day gift so nice its the only one, i decided i`d take 80s unpunched as the yak and anakin in 85 condition are a little out of my league. The room is around 2/3 done now i have one more showcase to build , hopefully this weekend and get that set up with my vintage action force collection and m.a.s.k plus starwars overspill then i have 4 diaramas to build so will keep pictures updated as i complete things, hope you like my new room, mart.

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    Very nice collection you got there (although I'm a 100% anti-AFA guy), thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

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    Really nice collections. Love the way you have decided to display it and the condition of many of the items. Get that MASK and Action Force up there, two of my other favourite toy lines.

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    Very nice collection! Especially like your Canadian pieces. Yes I'm looking at you, Mr. Cloud City Playset with pack-in figures. Very Sweet...

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    Awesome collection! Impressive, very impressive

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    Awesome indeed!
    This is the second time I see a bi-language or tri-logo taun taun. I just never knew about this piece. Is it called bi-language or tri-logo and could you possibly tell more about this item?
    thanks for sharing your pictures :-)

    ps don't you fell the urge to open some of those boxes...

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    Awesome - This is one of the best displays Ive seen - Well done.!!!


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