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Thread: LOCK UP..MR boba fett helmet

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    LOCK UP..MR boba fett helmet

    \ }[/IMG]MR boba fett SE mint and complete but no coa or plaque(does have plaque stand) will trade for efx stormy LE or MR shadow trooper and a little cash..$800
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    I know you say trade, but if you sell let me know!

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    Keep you posted..bumps and I think I returned all pms
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    Bumping this up,PMs replied but really only looking for offers in US as I don't want to pay high postage.There is no coa or SE plaque with the helmet but everything else is the SE ..might consider a MR stormy helmet .

    might consider trades for blasters .
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    Sorry not looking for the PCR stormy helmets..trades welcome

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    Will you take 2 PCR stormys ? lol
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    Sorry but I'd take a efx or MR LE..

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    I have the MR storm trooper blaster if you want to talk trade.

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