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Thread: ROTLA - Indy's Classroom 3-3/4"

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    ROTLA - Indy's Classroom 3-3/4"

    Hi All


    1: Figures - Indy was done by using the body of TLC Henry Snr as are the glasses, I cut off the ear sections of the glasses and replaced them with some very thin cut plasticard. I also removed the bow tie and replaced it with a tie and fixed the collars using AVES Fixit sculpt.
    The head is the TOD indy with the fedora cut off and replaced with the top half of a KOTCS indy head and the hands are from the bits box.

    2: Base and box/crate - The walls have been done using foamcore and the floor and the partial wall paneling is thin balsa wood, the floor panels aren't movie accurate but I'm not to worried about that. I did the floor boards by measuring them out then using a very sharp led pencil I very lightly scribed the pencil into the balsa wood.

    The nail holes were done by using another led pencil but this time sharpening it to a very sharp point and then pushing it into the balsa wood, The window was made using some clear plastic from a action figure box and the frame work was done by cutting some balsa wood into strips and then gluing them inplace.

    The latches and hinges are some resins pieces from a 1/35 scale 20ft container which was sent to me by my brother, the wall panels have had line vertically done to them. I scribed them by using that good ole sharp pencil again, the platform and desk were made from balsa as with the chalk board frames.

    I used double sided gloss paper for the chalk boards and the section above the middle board is were the pull down screen and cord will be. The chalk boards were done using Vallejo's German Field Grey and they were given 4 coats each I decided not to give them a drybrush and try something different.

    I did the drawing and writing by getting a led pencil and sharpening it on some medium sandpaper till it was very sharp and once the pencil was ready I wrote and drew on the board and then went over the pencil with watered down white paint.
    So instead of drybrushing I decided once the drawing and writing had dried completely, I gave the boards a wash of matt white to simulate the chalky powder that is left behind from the erasers. I was really happy with the way the boards turned out.

    All the maps on the chalk board are printed off and stuck into place, the rolled up maps are again printed off from the net or just rolled up printing paper. The stool and map stand were made by cutting thin strips of balsa and gluing them together, the map on the stand again printed off and glued inplace.
    The books on the desk and stool were downsized and printed from some 1/1 scale book covers designs I found on the net and then glued to some thin balsa wood and then the balsa was painted.

    The erasers are again some balsa wood cut to size and and painted and the chalk is some broken off led refills and glued inplace and then painted, the small pics near the chalk are from the net downsized and printed off and glued into place.
    The skeleton poster was done by taking a pic of thd dvd and using PSP 6 it was lightly darkened and printed off and then cut to length and glued into place.

    The corner near the window has been completed by adding a few extra rolled maps, a vase and some papers and books.
    The vase was made from high density foam I just cut out the shape I wanted and started sanding, the handles are pieces of plasticard. The maps are either just plain paper rolled up or maps downloaded and then resized and printed off. The books are printed off and then glued onto some balsa wood.

    I had a look at the dvd and it has some sought of feather item on top of the chalk board I had a look thru my daughters craft box and she had a few brown feathers so I stripped one except for one little section and glued it into place.
    The blow dart is from the KOTCS cemetery warrior which was given a new paint job and again glued into place. The gold idol drawings I did by hand and and then when I was finally happy with the look I glued them inplace.

    The globe was made by using a ball from some cheap costume jewellery I then painted it and then added the support section which was made by using a 1/4 of a 1/72 scale cannon wheel and some 1/72 sacle WW2 tank parts.
    The larger artifacts were carved from high density foam as were some of the smaller pieces, the rest of the items were bits and pieces are from 1/72 scale models or action figures parts.

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    There is no disgrace in getting old, it is just damned inconvenient.
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    Said it elsewhere, but this is absolutely STUNNING work, Hemble. Just incredible. I love it SO much!

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    More amazing work from you. Great job, sir.

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    Everything Hasbro should have done. Excellent work Ron!
    There is no disgrace in getting old, it is just damned inconvenient.
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    Very impressive!
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    Hi All,

    SWdave, Lance_Quazar, monstermonkey & Kooshmeister - Thanks heaps guys.


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    Excellent captured the feel of the room very well

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    That's awesome...amazing work. The level of detail is incredible.

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    Hi All,

    azpopeye & Blue_Sky - Guys thanks for the comments.Ron
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