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Thread: Jedi Journals: February 2014

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    Jedi Journals: February 2014

    Do you 'heart' Star Wars literature? We here at Jedi Journals sure do! Book, comics, magazines...everything! And this month is no exception, as Chris and Jay discuss the future and the past of Star Wars Comics, talk to author Joe Schreiber about his latest book Maul: Lockdown, and wonder how far we'll go to collect...everything! All this and more on the February 2014 edition of Jedi Journals!

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    Good episode guys.
    Nice spot on the Jar of Flies being a Alice in Chains EP. Bleed the Freak is also a Alice in Chains song.

    Thanks for addressing my email.
    It really is depressing to see no Star Wars novels on the release schedule.
    I find it a bit strange if the Luke book from Empire and Rebellion trilogy is also on hold after they released the Han and Leia books.

    But the novels Iím more concerned about are the ones telling the ongoing story, as in The Sword of the Jedi trilogy. I really donít get the logic in putting this on hold unless the new movies are going to pick up where FOTJ and Crucible left off, and I donít see that happening.
    They are either going to continue the existing EU as a separate canon to the new films, in which case just release this trilogy as planned, or they are going to cancel the existing EU in favor of rebooting it to fit in with the new films, in which case why not release this last trilogy to give a proper ending to the existing EU, as the FOTJ series left us with a huge unresolved story thread in that The Lost Tribe of the Sith are still at large in the Galaxy. And judging from the art for Sword of the Jedi it appears this trilogy was going to deal with this.

    Personally I'd prefer them to continue the existing EU as a separate canon to the new films and continue the ongoing story right up to the events of the Legacy comics. But if they are going to cancel the existing EU please give us this last trilogy to wrap things up and give us a proper ending. The Lost Tribe of the Sith defeated, Fel become Emperor and establishment of the Imperial Knights are the main things I think we need to see in a wrap up story.

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    I really enjoyed the DE release discussion. A blast from the past feature could be a good idea.
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    Interesting question about novels that don't have an audio version. I'd love an audio version of the Republic Commando books!!

    It's also interesting to note that every audiobook was abridged until about 2010 (basically starting with the Fate of the Jedi series) -- it might be fun to get some older "classic" titles as unabridged audiobooks as well.

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    Also, Marvel does do licensed properties. They do Stephen King stuff (Dark Tower, The Stand, etc.), they did Ender's Game, they adapted the Anita Blake novels, comics based on the tv show Castle, a comic based on the video game HALO, and I'm not 100% sure but I think they did a Tron comic a couple years ago?

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