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Thread: Vintage 1977 STAR WARS VINYL CAPE JAWA on KENNER 12 back Style MOC

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    Vintage 1977 STAR WARS VINYL CAPE JAWA on KENNER 12 back Style MOC

    Ok kids beware, this is custom card from sithcustoms in the UK , he is not deceiving anyone because he clearly states that this is a custom (cape and weapon too) but it doesn't mean someone will try to pass it as an original :

    As you can see, it looks good but if you know what to look for there are a couple of things that I can see that don't look right :
    1. The wrong front used for the figure number 38270 and the PRICE white square is missing a little bump on the lower right corner.
    2. The TM next to STAR WARS on the left of the letter "W" is should be black and not white font.

    That's why is very important that you ask for better and bigger pictures and close ups too, to see if there are any defects.

    3. Lucky for us, you can see from this close up that the font used on the bottom of the Kenner logo it's wrong one.
    4. The position of the blister is too high, it should be lower from the black racetrack, actually on the silver racetrack.

    Also, this customizer has a link to a very reputable website run by Scott Bradly where he states that he is trying to make sure is close to the real deal .

    visit your imperial recruitment center now.

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    Another tell: that's the patent leather cape version. Jawa was never a fashion rule breaker.

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    the Cape is an easy give away. Much to shiny and the color is off. If people cant tell immediately by looking at it thats its fake, I would stay away from buying one at all then

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