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Thread: Star Wars Rebels - General TV Show Discussion Thread

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    They have already made some Realistic Rebels figures in the BS 6" figures lines.

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    With the series ending after season 4, I hope Hasbro ends the line with a few more 5 POA animated figures, instead of slamming the door and ignoring so many great characters like they did at the end of CW. I far prefer animated over SA realistic when it comes to cartoon characters. I don't collect 6 inch, save for Ahsoka, which I could not resist.

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    Honestly, the behavior of Hasbro since the Disney purchase of SW has been that anything other than OT stuff or new Media stuff is put on the shelf. So once Rebels concludes, I do not expect to see any Rebels figures pretty much ever again. I also do not expect to see any TFA or RO toys released again as Disney builds up an appetite for TLJ and Han Solo: The Movie. Any characters that are carried forward are fair game, but otherwise, what is dead is dead.

    This may work well for the hobby as things can expect to be rare again instead of the constant possiblity that another remake of a figure could be right around the corner. TVC may hopefully provide a number of exceptions to this prediction, but... well lets see how it plays out.

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    I think with TLJ and Han Solo coming during the Rebels TV season has made the biggest impact on the line. I think Hasbro only has so many slots and they need figures for the new films. So, for that reason, we might not see anything new from Rebels for a while. However, we might see some Rebels figures in the waves this fall and in the spring, especially the 2-packs.
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