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Thread: My Best Friend

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    My Best Friend

    My apologies that this is not Star Wars related but I have met some cool people on here, we share Star Wars stories, and I also hear personal stories sometimes as well. Last Thursday I lost my best friend Achilles. He was a great dog and friend. He would go on Star Wars hunt adventures with me and was always there for me and my fiancee during hard times and great times. I have been having my house worked on for the last 6 months and contractors would come and go. My father blames himself because no one knows who left my backyard gate open. Achilles was hit by a car and landed in a ditch in about 10 degrees of weather. My father was able to find him and he was alive until he arrived at the vet. I arrived when the vets were coming to my dad's truck but it was too late. My best friend passed and I couldn't do anything. I feel heart broken, lost, and mad at this sometimes dark world.

    I will see you again my great friend.

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    you have my deepest condolances. i am a firm believer in the rainbow bridge which is where our animals (best friends) will be waiting for us when we pass.
    again so sorry for your loss

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    Stay strong, losses are hard. Keep Achilles alive in your heart and memories.
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    Ah man that sucks, so sorry for your loss mate.

    It's bad enough when they've lived a full life as it's never long enough, but to be taken so early makes it that much harder.

    Condolences Mynock take solace that you got to have him in your life and that you obviously gave him a great one too.
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    So sorry for your loss mate, dogs are the most beautiful things on earth, i know how they get into your heart.

    You will stay in each others hearts and souls forever, he knew how much you loved him and vice versa, any story of love like that is a story of triumph in a world that can be pretty devoid of love sometimes.

    His spirit will carry on with the richness of love and friendship you gave him, and your spirit will be the same, he was lucky to have you and you were lucky to have him, a great story of love and friendship thats priceless.

    My hearts with you mate, keep your chin up, i know how you feel.

    May the roads rise up to meet Achillies and the wind be at his back.

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    I come from a land DownUnder!!

    My simpathy goes out to you.
    It is always hard when we loose a pet we love,
    even harder when they are more than a pet and are part of the family.
    They bring us so much love and joy.

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    Sorry to hear about this. It does sound like you gave him a great life and treated him well with love and affection.

    Achilles has helped shape who you are over these last years you've had him, so his legacy lives on in you. I hope in time you might get another puppy and give another dog the really great home you gave Achilles.
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    Sorry to hear of your lose man. Dogs are not just pets they are family members.


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    Really sorry to read this Mynock. My wife is animal daft (horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other little things what I don't know about) and the characters of dogs and horses in particular makes them much more than pets. I hope the dog didn't suffer too much.
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    So sorry for the loss of your pal.

    Godspeed Achilles.

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