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Thread: Parintachin73's customs thread, Update 1/18/15

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    Parintachin73's customs thread, Update 1/18/15

    Figured I was about due to upload some photos of my customs.
    Ben Kenobi, desert nomad, based off the awesome Sideshow mythos statue...

    This badboy took me a while, pretty labor intensive. It's a VC ROTS Obi w/VC realistic CW head, hands from VC Quinlan Vos, goggles from sandstorm Han, robe is random jedi robe with sleeves cut off, armor on backpack is from the VC CW Obi too, backpack itself is a vintage Joe Outback pack, the "antenna thingie" on the side is a battledroid's backpack modified and sliced up, the "rope" is actually thread for sewing leather darkened with a brown paint wash, and the bedroll is fur from one of my daughter's old stuffed animals (painted and stiffened w/Fray Check). Oh, and of course the saber hilt's are Qui-Gon's and Anakin's. I think that's everything

    Next up, dark side Sora Bulq...

    Repainted black series Anakin body, w/Sora's head and hands

    Based on Stitchfett's AMAZING work (seriously if you've never seen his stuff, check out his ebay store, he makes various Clone troopers and other customs by working SW parts on top of microman base figures), this is my "microclone" Kashyyyk Arc Trooper...

    Darth Revan and jedi Revan. Darth has fully articulated legs. Cut the originals above the knee and added the bottom legs from Mandalore. Complete head to toe repaint, soft goods cape, and partial soft goods skirt. Jedi revan is a jedi Galen Marek base w/Revan head, Barriss Offee hood, Endor Han lower arms, and black series Luke hands.

    I'm working on a new Revan based on how he looks in the Old Republic game. He's got a lot of work left though so it may be a while before he appears.

    Tyvokka (still need to do a custom orange saber)...

    Foul Moudama, a merging of the original and Thi-Sen with some help from green stuff.

    Palpatine, sith apprentice...

    Bo-Katan. I like the way she turned out but I REALLY would like Hasbro to make an official figure of her.

    Mandalorian super commando...

    Random female Mando with Joe articulaion...

    Mandalorian jedi hunter...

    Mando blademaster. This picture kind of came out crappy and doesn't really show the dirtied metal and colors properly.

    Wookiee commando...

    Shadow Guard. Merging of the original figure with Shadow Stormtrooper to make a final product that looks like the image on the back of the cardback.

    Another wookiee warrior...

    K'kruhk. Minor paint touch ups, added a repainted Joe hat and a soft goods skirt...

    CW Darth Maul. Repainted the lowers legs and gauntlets, added wrist articulation, and gave him a darksaber with a longer blade made from a styrene sheet (yeah yeah I know he hadn't killed Pre Vizla yet when he had those legs).

    Mara Jade. New head from a MU Aurora figure and a LOT of touching up of the original paint job.

    Sarrissa Jeng. Total repaint. I don't know about anyone one else's, but the paint jobs on my Geonosis jedi knight sets were absolutely horrible. Super sloppy. And I like this figure enough that I spend a good chunk of time redoing the original painr job.

    Lord Starkiller, Hoth outfit. Sith stalker base with Imperial Knight/Anakin arms and a bunch of fixit and green stuff. And lots of spare lightsaber hilts...
    Savage Opress w/mechanical arm + added ankle articulation...

    Obi-wan, in Mandalorian armor...

    Exar Kun, replaced/shortened those ridiculous "monkey arms", added cloak from comic pack Anakin, and a bunch of paint...

    Shae Vizla, head swap for Black Widow Avengers Assemble head. Cut the "wind blown" hair and resculpted it with fixit. Tightened up some of the paint details on armor and helmet...

    Hoth Han with the "proper" colors imo...

    "Ultimate" Darth Revan. I'm done fiddling about with this character. Now that Angelforge has created an accurate headsculpt for me, the rest is history.

    And while on the topic, here is my "redeemed" Jedi General Revan...

    I always hated the head sculpt on T'ra Saa so when Angelforge released a new one it was time for an "overhaul".

    And last but certainly not least, Mandalore Maul. This guy took a LOT of work. Lots of sculpting, gluing, painting, repainting. Many singular figures lost body parts for the guy to come to fruition.

    Again sorry for the lack of quality on the most recent pics but they were all taken with a cell phone. Hope y'all enjoy!
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    Wow. That is some awesome work! Thanks for sharing all of that. It's hard to pick a favorite, but that Mythos Obi Wan is incredible - probably the best 3 3/4" custom I've seen of that...
    Hasbro, hear my plea for the Rickshaw Droid!
    Current top five most wanted: rickshaw droid, Kalyn farnmir, veedaaz awmeth, toonbuck toora, BD-3000 "Betty droid".
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    Wow, really great work. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see more from you

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    Excellent customs. Love the Obi-Wan!

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    Wow I love the Mandos keep up the good work
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    Hey awesome customs and your stitchfett a customs are far too expensive, over $70 a figure! Plus shipping! I do think they would be great to have in a collecting but they are to expensive
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I should be updating sometime soon as I have a bunch of "in-progress" stuff.
    Top of the list right now is a Starkiller sith lord (Hoth style), an improved Exar Kun, and the previously mentioned TOR jedi Revan. I also just got Sigel Dare in the mail on Friday and I finished repainting her entire head yesterday. Those eyes with the crazy black mascara were absolutely heinous!

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    Excellent stuff. Great sculpting and paintwork all around.
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    Excellent stuff! Obi-Wan is flawless, but my number one is Bo Katan - can you share how did you do this figure? The other Mandalorians are great, too and I like the improvements you made for the others

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    Quote Originally Posted by dibblerr View Post
    Excellent stuff! Obi-Wan is flawless, but my number one is Bo Katan - can you share how did you do this figure? The other Mandalorians are great, too and I like the improvements you made for the others
    Bo-Katan recipe started with an Isabet Reau torso and arms. You can also use the other female Mando from that EE set, but you can get Isabet (sans helmet + equipment)from an eBay seller in China for $6-7. The top half of the legs are from a CW Aura Sing, the bottoms from a CW Mando warrior. The belt is from a Marvel Black Widow figure I believe. The jetpack was a Pre Vizla pack and the helmet was a CW Mando helmet that I sculpted over to get the Night Owl style helm. In fact, if you need a copy of the helmet (that goes for anyone else as well) just let me know. I made a mold of my original to make copies as I plan on doing the other female Night Owl/Death Watch chic that appeared briefly in the Mando episodes of season 5.
    Hope this helps!

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