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Thread: The Repaints Suggestion Thread

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    The Repaints Suggestion Thread

    This thread was suggested by Since78, with rising costs Hasbro has to include reissues in the basic line to try and keep costs down and drive sales so what are some easy repaints or figures that could use a slight tooling (to create something slightly new) would you like to see? Any ideas? Case in point something along the lines of Yakface's Concept Series.

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    I'd like to see some realistic Death Watch Mandalorians and Pre Vizsla, shouldn't be too hard to do with the various Mandalorian body piece we've gotten over the years. It might require more than a simple repaint, but I think they could also do a reasonable Mandalore the Ultimate based on the Mandalore figure from the Fett Legacy.
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    Galatic Marine and Airborne Trooper would be 2 clones that would be a lot more refreshing than the same white/Shock/501st we've been constantly seeing in all line.

    All kinds of OT troopers, like the INC would be good ideas for Hasbro as well as Rebel troopers of all types.
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    The list is actually LONG here, there are SO many potentially easy figures for Hasbro to issue. Frankly it's amazing that they haven't done more of these. I hear them whinge about rising tooling costs, yet they leave this "low hanging fruit" on the tree. Fill out case assortments with these figures, and leave the endless repacks and carry forwards behind.

    Even if these are "one and done" as some would have limited appeal, it would be okay, as the tooling cost is largely avoided.

    Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling (trying to go aside from localgotal's work)

    Imperial Security Bureau - Repaint of an Imperial Officer, white tunic jacket and black trousers. Some wore black caps, but some didn't. Getting a corrected Wulf Yularen would be a plus

    Hoth Rebel Commander - This is actually a vintage analog! Take the Hoth Rebel Soldier and add a new head sculpt with the mustachioed face and hanging scarf that matches the vintage "Rebel Commander"

    Bespin Wing Guard - Vintage 1 - the TLC Bespin Guard with the oriental, mustaschioed face that matched the original 1980 vintage figure

    Bespin Wing Guard - Vintage 2 - Same as the previous, but with the bearded sculpt to match the 1980 vintage card back

    (As a side note, these were heavily rumored a couple of years ago, possibly for a Boba's Bounty battlepack - kept expecting them to show up, but they never did. Maybe when/if they bring the vintage cards back)

    Echo Base Personnel - Between the Echo Base trooper and the Hoth Rebel trooper there are a near endless supply of kit bashes and slight head sculpt changes that they could do. Command center personnel with headsets on, tauntaun wranglers with the different cap, etc.

    Imperial Communications - Scanning Crew plus headset and accessories

    ANH Leia - Already covered in the general thread - Medical Frigate plus new head sculpt

    Bespin Escape Leia - forearms and lower legs to Hoth Leia

    Asteroid Leia - Same forearms from Bespin escape (only) to Hoth Leia

    Red 10 - The last "unique" Rebel Pilot standing, head and helmet - DONE

    Green X-Wing Pilot - Seen in the hangar bay in ROTJ - repaint of a generic X-Wing pilot wearing a green jumpsuit under the X-Wing gear (not an A-Wing pilot)

    R5-D2 - Gray and Maroon Trim from the Rebel Briefing scene in ROTJ

    White R2 - the one blanked by the Ronto (A5 maybe? Just don't recall)

    R5 Unit (Black) - Yavin Briefing Scene

    R5-X2 - Jabba's Box in TPM

    Astromechs - I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones that jump to mind

    E3P0 - Bespin "Ee Chu Taa" - Just a darker pewter 3P0

    At any rate, that's a few to get the ball rolling, the concepts that "localgotal" did definitely qualify to my mind. All would be minor updates for Hasbro!

    Any of this would be better than another Ewan McObi-Wan!
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    I'd like to see them retool the nightsister to create mother talzin and mighella. I'd also like the female mando retooled into bo katan, and some death watch repaints.

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    Use the protocol BAD mold to make the best-ever C-3PO.
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

    I'd like to exercise my right to free speech, but I really don't have anything to say at the moment.

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    Retooling of Fordo to make ARC Troopers of Fives and Echo, using Dexter mold for General Krell.

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    I want to add, if they plan to repaint something, they should be able to match the details of a previously released character. For example the 41st trooper is just a mess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper31 View Post
    Use the protocol BAD mold to make the best-ever C-3PO.
    Make sure to include the cargo net and I would purchase without hesitation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper31 View Post
    Use the protocol BAD mold to make the best-ever C-3PO.
    THIS a thousand times!!!
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