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Thread: FS: Moc Lot of 33.

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    FS: Moc Lot of 33.

    Looking to sell these 33 mocs for $1650AUD / $1450usd
    Will get some details up asap of the condition as most mocs have type of wear.There are a few made in mexico mocs as well in the lot

    SOLD pending payment

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    WTB:Ugnaught ESB 45 Back proof & POTF Cromalin.
    Always interested in buying first Shots,Proofs,Cromalins & Miscards of different characters.

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    Email sent, PM inbox full. Thanks

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    I fear I may be too late and can't PM. Let me know if these become available again.


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    Tried replying to the eMail you sent me, Nick. Your inbox is full.

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