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Thread: how to clean vinyl capes

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    how to clean vinyl capes

    What is the easiest way to clean capes that pertain to white leia's, snowtroopers, and sand people?


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    Hi Rob, luke warm soapy water and a soft brush will usually get the job done.For ink or marker stains you can apply some toothpaste or zit creame to the stain and let it dry out before you clean it.

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    gerrit what kind of soap should i use? also when kind of brush soft or hard bristle. When you mean brush do you mean tooth brush? Also will it scratch up the cape?

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    A soft tooth brush will do it, and not likely will it scratch the cape unless you're driving it hard against the vinyl.


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    I find a soft tooth brush is great for cleaning capes and figures with a bit of dish washing liquid or warm soapy water.

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    I use warm water and dish soap with a soft bristle tooth brush for cleaning.

    I then use Armour All dashboard restorative/protectant to keep the plastic lush and shiny. I also use this on my figures; as the make up of the plastics used in these toys keep them in a constant state of break down. This is more obvious in toys that have been sun baked or stored in a damp musty enviroment, as they will be sticky to the touch. The aforementioned product will restore this.
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    Use a magic eraser, works perfect! I used it to take 30 year old ink of a vinyl jawa cape and it got an AFA 85. Best Way and easy.
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    For a Leia Bespin cape, don't use anything on the pattern side or else you risk erasing/removing parts of the pattern. You can erase the whole pattern side with a soft sponge and little pressure. The OT specified plain capes, but I thought I'd mention this.

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    Just wanted to add a caution about the magic eraser. Yes they work great on white figures (Stormtrooper, farmboys...ect) and solid colored vinyl capes and ships -- THEY WILL REMOVE PAINT from you figures. Only use on unpainted areas! Sad to say I learned this the hard way.


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    Very carefully... Have a few beers before as well to calm yourself before the procedure.
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