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Thread: FS: Complete Loose Figs, (LOCK UP NEW THREAD STARTED) THKS

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    FS: Complete Loose Figs, (LOCK UP NEW THREAD STARTED) THKS

    Click on pictures to enlarge them, please check them out for completeness and condition. All parts weapons and accessories are original, if I make a mistake and you get a repro I will make it right, again I believe everything is 100% legit. I am not a real stickler of which figure gets blue or blue black blasters, so if you have a question or that is important please ask. I believe everything is in C7 or better shape, I stand behind everything I sell. Also none of the electronics have been tested, I will leave that to the new owners after they have been shipped.

    How I sell:
    Selling large amounts of items at one time has lead me to the following guidelines

    1. Sorry but I don't hold things for people.

    2. I sell to the first person I make a deal with. We have a deal when you receive my paypal address, if you do not have my paypal, then we dont have a deal. Once you get my paypal I consider it sold and will mark it pending. Payment is expected within 48 hrs, unless you let me know otherwise. Sometimes this leads people to feel that I have sold things out from under them, this is not my intent. But I often get mutliple people asking about the same items at the same time, so it is difficult to manage. I do it this way to keep thing moving for all parties.

    3. Posting on the thread saying you want something does not reserve it for you. We don't have a deal unless you have my paypal address.

    4. Members with feedback and some history I am happy to take regular payments assuming you pay the fees 4%, New members with no feedback or history, gift payments only. I have 10+ years of selling on this board, to vouch for my character.

    I typically ship out within 3 days of payment. I will let you know when it ships
    Shipping is extra, and I am happy to ship overseas.

    I have been selling here for a long time and 99% of everyone here is great to work with and I have no problems. There is 1% that have felt slighted in the past which is why I write the above.

    Lastly, I also have bunch of parts so if you are needing to complete some ships or playsets drop me a line with what you are needing. I also have some extra figure accessories as well.



    Radar Laser Cannon w box and Insert $20 SOLD
    AT-ST Scout Walker wBox $30 SOLD
    MTV-7 Empty Box $15 SOLD
    Vehicle Maintenance Energizer Empty Box $10 SOLD
    Radar Laser Cannon Empty Box $10 SOLD
    At-St $15 SOLD
    Imperial Attack Base- complete but dirty $15
    Speederbike missing 1 flap $8 SOLD
    Loose Figures

    Bib Fortuna $8
    Bossk $8
    Endor Rebel Soldier $10
    Gamorrean Guard $8
    Han Solo Bespin $8
    IG-88 $10
    Imperial Commander $8ea
    Klaatu $6
    Logray $8
    Nien Numb $8
    Wicket $15


    Red Trays Loose $5 for both
    Star World Case $5

    $6 Items

    $4 Items

    Dicast 2 Star Destroyers Landspeeder and 2 x-wing sold
    Luke and Leia Puzzles Sold

    $3 Pieces

    12 Inch Figures , Chewbacca SOLD $8
    12 in Fett Belt $15
    Chewy Bowcaster, no cross portion $5
    Luke Shirt $5

    Instructions Picture #1 B-wing sold $5
    Instructions Picture #2-SOLD INT4,PDT8, CAP2 $5
    SW Large 1 Left $8
    SW Refund ALL SOLD $8
    $1 Rebate offer SOLD $5
    ESB large Logo SOLD $8
    ESB with Luke and Yoda $5
    ESB Silver ALL SOLD $3
    ROTJ either version ALL ERG SOLD $3
    Micro X-wings with labels and no labels #1 SOLD $20, 15
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    PM sent 1/19.
    Most wanted: Kitster, Wald, and Han Solo- Ceremony (I won't acknowledge the recent Vintage version...)

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    PM sent...
    Wanted Lists : MIB ESB 13" Boba Fett
    My Feedbacks :

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    List is current, price drops, and open to offers.


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    One more bump before the bay.


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    Free Bump! For a great seller!

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    pm'ed some ?????'s

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