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Thread: My loose vintage figure display

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    My loose vintage figure display

    After years of sitting in storage I finally found the perfect display for my vintage collection and filled in the remaining holes (the only things I need are real double telescoping sabers and a real Vlix). I love how they look in these cases.



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    WOW!!!! This is my lifelong dream! One day many many years from now I will hopefully have a picture that is half this awesome!! Great job, very nice display!

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    Thanks. The vast majority of the figures are from my childhood. I did sell off a handful of the final 17 around 20 years ago but I went back and re-bought them and still somehow made money, lol.

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    Amazing display; thanks for sharing!

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    WHOA! Awesome Display! Congrats on all the figures also!

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    Very beautiful dispaly of a great collection. Thanks for sharing.

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    Really nice mate, i love them up high like that, and a very accomplished loose set, congrats n thanks for sharing.

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    They look great up there.

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