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Thread: SOLD : eFX Luke Skywalker X-Wing Helmet ESB SE #3

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    SOLD : eFX Luke Skywalker X-Wing Helmet ESB SE #3

    ok, I'm in 2 minds about this one but really need the money for a surprise for my wife. I'm selling my eFX Luke ESB SE, plaque #3 of 250. I know for a fact this was the lowest number available to the the public. It's complete, with all original packaging and never worn. Also included are 2 rare items - the eFX "business card" showing the item and plaque number that you had to turn in to get Mark Hamill's autograph on the plaque, and also the Official Pix autograph ticket that was to be turned in at the table when getting the signature. I got my plaque signed "back stage" (actually Mr Wyman and his lovely wife (then fiance) got it signed for me as I was busy) so didn't have to turn in any of these items. You won't find a lower number for sale (ever, I would imagine) and you won't fine one that comes with these 2 unique items. This is truly a Celebration V exclusive, never to be repeated.

    Asking price is $1000 + actual shipping cost via USPS. I might ship internationally if you can convince me it's worth the effort.

    I am open to (reasonable) offers but not trades.

    edit : SOLD for $1000 shipped.
    Maybe I'm an Admin still? Who knows!

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    To sweeten this one a little bit, I just found 2 awesome eFX pins with the date 07-23-08 on them - one gold and one silver color. They are from the official eFX launch on preview night at SDCC in 2008 and not generally available to the public, I got them directly from Bryan, the silver one is limited to 500 pieces and the gold limited to 250. I'll throw them in with the Luke ESB helmet purchase.
    Maybe I'm an Admin still? Who knows!

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    Price drop bump
    Maybe I'm an Admin still? Who knows!

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    GREAT !!!!
    Que la Force soit avec toi , tout jamais ......

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