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Thread: Price Check: Glasslite Vlix AFA Q-75 No Weapon?

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    Price Check: Glasslite Vlix AFA Q-75 No Weapon?

    I've been out of vintage collecting for a while... I'm looking for a ballpark value for this Vlix example... it includes the CIB certificate... does not include the glasslite weapon... so it received an AFA qualified grade of 75.

    I have an opportunity to acquire this figure in trade... so any interested parties please contact me. I greatly appreciate any assistance in advance... please have a happy new year!

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    I'd say 2000 to 2300. I would start at 1800 and go from there. Ive seen Q80 go from 2800 to about 3500. As we know 75 to 80, 5 is a big deal for a lot. hope this helps.

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    I seen a couple like that go for 1500-1600 in that condition with no weapon, 80 is when it really jumps but i guess up to $1900 for this condition if someone really needed it

    if you get the legit gun for around $300 and had it regraded you are looking at $2500 +
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    are you thinking of buying or selling? :-) If you are selling and its anywhere near 2K- I'd be very interested. thanks,

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    Brian Semling sold one in AFA 75 with gun for 3,150 which was extremels high if you'd ask me. I have seen others sell for much less.
    He may sell items slightly higher than most private persons as he has a stellar repuation. So lets say 3K max. Then you have to deduct how much for ebay fees? 5%? So you are looking at 2,800. If you know deduct the missing weapon and the 'full' grading and not qualifies grading I think we are facing something like 1900-2300. Just my 2 cents...

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    Awesome... thanks for the quick responses... I just sent the owner a counter offer based on the adjusted numbers provided in this thread. I have also replied to the PMs for those that were interested in this figure... should know if this is go or no-go tomorrow morning. :O)

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    Wow, what a mind-blowing figure to own Truly, the last of the line
    Crikey, it's Lord Vader!

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    What would you consider the current value of this figure? I know one sold at C7 for $7,500 at this grade with no weapon.

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    i think that price was way inflated but i guess people had big money to spend at C 7.

    In that condition without a weapon would really be half the price at the very least.

    even an 80 with a weapon was less than $4.5k until the prices at c7 prompted sellers to think its now worth those prices so who knows now how much people will want.

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    I bought the same figure with a Q75 grade at C7 for a price I was comfortable with. I paid 3.4k. Then the two other examples sold the Q80 for close to 10k and the Q75 for 7.5k.

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