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Thread: Another Collection Stolen....Deber..:( Netherlands scummers....need your help......!!!

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    Another Collection Stolen....Deber..:( Netherlands scummers....need your help......!!!

    So a fellow scummer had her collection stolen. This was done in broad daylight and the bad thing was that her collection was boxed up due to her and her husband getting ready to move. She is located in the Netherlands so any scummers in the area or around the area....we need your help. I will list what was stolen if you guys don't mind keeping an eye out. I will have her send me some pictures so I can get them up. If you find anything please contact her. I am sure she will chime in. This is what I know of so far.......

    All are AFA
    Entire 12 Back A collection
    20 Back run
    Most of the loose graded figures
    Revenge Proofs
    2 3 packs
    Vader Tie Fighter

    This is not all that was stolen but this is what we all can do to help her out. sorry to hear this. Hopefully this helps.

    New information from Deborah...

    My 12-back A run. All straight 85's except for my DSC, he is an 80.
    My 20-back no offer run all 85's except for greedo he is an 80.
    My 20-back boba offer run 80/85's and 2 moc (R5 and Luke X-Wing).
    Moet of my loose graded including two blue snaggs (80's), two DT Luke's (85's), four VC Jawa's (80/80/85/90), about 65 in total first 20 figs.
    My loose collection (also first 20 figs) including a DT Ben, DT Luke, VC jawa.
    Two series 2 three packs: Creature, Droid (80's).
    Darth Tie fighter and X-Wing (85's).

    Nothing had price tags on them, except for the droid set and the 12-back R2 I believe. No yellow bubbles.
    I do believe the right side (front view)of the droid pack has a crack, about 1 cm at the bottom corner.

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    What a collection!!! (Unfortunately..)


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    Ouch. Any chance they kept a separate record of the AFA serial #'s in the off chance the thieves try to sell them still in their cases?

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    Terrible to hear this, must have been gutting for the lady involved, as a collector i could think of nothing worse, really hope somehow the moons align and she gets her collection back from the scumbag who stole it.

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    F#####g Losers. I hope Debbie doen't lose the force (Faith) in the hobby. So Sorry Deb. Unfortunately there are losers everywhere.

    Was only the Star Wars Stolen?

    I just ask because if so then it was an inside JOB.

    If there is anyway we all as a community can help let us know and we will keep are eyes peeled.

    A list of AFA serial numbers would be a start,

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    That's terrible news. Most people over here are insured so I really hope this was the case for Deborah...

    Will definitely keep an eye out over here. Hopefully some idiot tries to list the stolen goods on our local classifieds site.

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    This is Terrible news! Deborah muust be devasted! Lets catch the ******s

    Did Deborah send any of here Graded items in herself thus when you look for the serial number in the database her name would be assiocated?
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    She should defentily contact Jef Bas at "A Space Oddity" (Welkom - A Space Oddity tv en filmspeelgoed) to alert him. He might get someone offering the items.
    And she should keep a eye on ≥ Marktplaats - De plek om nieuwe en tweedehands spullen te kopen en verkopen. Perhaps the thief or someone that bought from him will post an add over there.

    Also all AFA-numbers would be handy.

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    Makes me sick to read that...I can only imagine having a collection that awesome, and then to think someone ruined that for someone is absolutely disgusting. Matt, can we get some serial #'s on the AFA pieces? I can keep my eyes peeled. Chances are they're going to show up either here or ebay eventually.

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    Worst nightmare someone obviously knew they were there- be careful everyone with your collections

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