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Thread: Super7 & Funko - ReAction 3 3/4" Figures

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    For their upcoming licenses I'm definitely down for Army of Darkness, and probably RoboCop. More than likely Rocky as well. And Teen Wolf would be hard to say no to. they must be holding back on Willow until 2020...

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    According to Super7, POTA wave 1 will hit in the next couple months, Alien and Hellboy will be over the summer. I'm assuming Alien early summer and Hellboy late summer given their respective states of completion at Toy Fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gijigsaw View Post
    Nice to see the Planet of the Apes and the completion of the Alien crew. Well done Super7.
    Totally agreed. Cant wait for these.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    Does Brian Flynn still post/lurk on these boards? I'd like to ask him if he's aware that the beige areas of Lambert, Parker and Brett's costumes are way too dark. After doing such a stellar job on the sculpts, getting a colour wrong seems like a rookie mistake. Hoping maybe it's just these photos, or these specific prototypes, and that the retail versions will be more screen-accurate.

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    I'm interested in some of those Reaction lines that Super7 is doing, but considering what a pain they are to get compared to when Funko was doing them, it has to be something AMAZING for me to want it. Yeah I know I can order it from the website but that puts the cost at way too much for each figure. Don't get me wrong, I totally get the aesthetics of the figures as that's the whole point, but I also felt $10 was the max (or more than) I was willing to pay.

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    The Alien figures look great!! and intrigued with what they're gonna do with RoboCop!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VornJithco View Post
    The Alien figures look great!! and intrigued with what they're gonna do with RoboCop!!
    me too.. I really hope they do Robocop justice and give us a few figures. we definitely need all the gang members, Robocop and I'd love to see Officer Lewis and Officer Murphy figures too... I'd even love to see Toxic Waste Emil and a Delta Interceptor Police car and the SUX 6000 and they could give us another Robocop from the third movie with the Jetpack as well as a battle damaged Robocop and an ED-209
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