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Thread: Super7 & Funko - ReAction 3 3/4" Figures

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    I think I read that they will only be available online and at the official Super 7 store. I'm going to be offering up any extras I get from the case on here for those that are looking for the variants.
    Oh cool, I may buy a few from you, just don't want a whole case.

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    Hey DC fans,
    I just (re) learned that there was a Directors cut of this movie. In it the main differences are 1] no narration and 2] Skexis mostly don't speak English.
    Here's a link.
    Note: this is a recreation of the Directors Cut by a fan.
    This was the original version but it tested badly so they made changes.

    Also of note, they are making a 12 issue comic book series of the failed DC 2 movie. I think it just started this month.

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