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Thread: FS/FT: Cesspool, various figures, odds and ends

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    FT/FS: Various Items (Marvel, Gundam, etc.)

    Hello All,
    I am in a new place and it is half the size of the old one. Double the price and half the size the joy of relocating from rural Pennsylvania to suburban Pennsylvania. I am also doubly lucky to have been cut to half-time this semester due to enrollment drops at my college. Any way, I need to slim down the collection and I want to offer it here to fellow collectors.

    The prices listed below do not include shipping. These prices are not set in stone and I am open to reasonable offers. Especially if purchasing large numbers of items. I am also interested in trades as well, here is a link to my want list. If you have questions or offers please pm me.
    Thank you,

    Boxed Marvel Figures

    $15.00 Thor (Marvel Legends Allfather Series); no BAF piece
    $10.00 Machine Man (Marvel Legends Allfather Series); no BAF piece

    Loose Marvel Figures

    SOLD Mole Man (Marvel Legends Ronin Series); comes with staff, no BAF piece
    $9.00 Tiger Shark (Ultron series); no BAF piece
    $6.00 Ultron (Marvel Legends: Legendary Riders Series); complete with glider
    $7.00 Wasp (Marvel Legends: Modok Series); no BAF piece
    $4.00 Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends: Legendary Rider Series); complete with glider if wanted

    $8.00 Demogoblin (Spider-man Origins line); complete with hood and glider

    $6.00 Ghostrider (light-up movie figure); missing chain and light-up feature does not work (needs batteries)
    $11.00 X2 Nightcrawler
    $8.00 Spider-Man 2099 (Spider-Man Origins Series)
    $25.00 Stealth Ironman (TRU Two-pack); complete with spare hands and Stark head
    $15.00 Captian America (ToyBiz series 8 Legends); Variant with wings on helmet, complete with shield

    $15.00 Cable (Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends 2-pack)

    Loose Gundam Figures

    $19.00 Kampfer Mobile Suit (MS Gundam 0080); complete with two grenades, two rocket launchers, one short shotgun, one long shotgun, and land mine chain
    $20.00 Shadow Gundam (battle scarred version); complete with extra hands, core lander, and display base $4.00 Cobra Gundam (G Gundam); Missing extra head, extra hands, and energy pieces
    $20.00 G Gundam Fuun Saiki (Gundam Horse)
    $13.00 Strike Gundam; complete with 4 extra pairs of hands, rifle, shield, and switchblade knives
    $14.00 Gundam Wing Zero (deluxe transforming version); complete with extra hands, shield, double buster rifle with three different handles, and saber
    $4.00 Gundam Death Scythe Hell Custom; Missing energy scythe and connectors for wings
    SOLD Cobra Gundam (G Gundam); Missing extra head, extra hands, and energy pieces

    Anime Loose Figures

    $18.00 Spike Spiegel (Kaiyodo figure); includes base with rose in puddle, handgun, loose cigarette, and two extra cigarettes not removed from tray
    $18.00 Vash the Stampede (7" Kaiyodo figure); includes base with "Wanted" post, extra hands, handgun, and kitty
    $20.00 Nicholas D. Wolfwood (7" Kaiyodo figure); includes base with crosses, extra hands, extra head, portable confessional, two handguns, and massive cross gun with coverings

    Pirates of the Caribbean Loose Figures

    $16.00 Captain Jack Sparrow; complete with hat, sword, pistol, and zombie monkey (6-inch scale came from Disney store when Deadman's chest came out)
    $20.00 Davy Jones; complete with hat, sword, staff, pipe, and chest with heart and its key (6-inch scale came from Disney store when Deadman's chest came out)

    Misc. Loose Figures

    $5.00 Appleseed Figure; not sure where this figure came form but it is not highly articulated, has a cool gun with removeable clip
    $8.00 Goku; not sure series or anything but it is highly poseable with changeable hands

    Boxed Star Wars Figures

    SOLD Concept Art Snowtrooper (BD48); in Star Case
    SOLD Emperor's Shadow Guard (30th Anniversay) *this one I am struggling to part with but there isn't a place for it...
    $5.00 Unkar's Thug and Jakku Scavenger *note BB-8 is missing*

    Loose Star Wars Figures

    $15.00 Ewok Catapult
    $10.00 Ephant Mon (2002-045); missing cane and vibroblade accessories
    $8.00 Luke Skywalker (Heir to the Empire comic-pack)
    $4.00 Anakin-podracer (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive); has a two tools
    $4.00 R3-T7 (Power of Jedi AOTC Sneak Peak)
    $2.00 Sith Assassin Droid
    $10.00 Yoda with Kybuck (30th Anniversay #32)
    $8.00 Darth Maul (Sith Evolutions set Sidious, Dooku, Maul) - includes cloak and lightsaber
    $20.00 Purple Disney Series 2 Build-a-Droid (or will trade 1 for 1 for another Disney Droid; I am looking for a few)

    Build-A-Figure Pieces

    $7.50 Annihilus - Right wing (from Banshee)
    $3.00 Ultimate Green Goblin - Torso (from Spider-Girl)
    $3.00 Ultimate Green Goblin - Right arm (from Amazing Spider-man)
    $3.00 Onslaught - Head (from Kitty Pride)
    $6.00 Dormammu - Torso (from Enchantress)
    $8.00 Imperiex - Left arm (from Man-Bat)

    $5.00 Iron Monger - Left leg (from Bleeding Edge Iron Man)
    $10.00 Sentinel - Lower torso (from Omega Red)
    $8.00 Ultron - Torso (from Wasp)
    $6.00 Dormammu - Lower torso (from Nico Mindru)

    Lego Minifigures

    Star Wars
    SOLD Aldar Beebo (Image Link)
    $5.00 Young Boba Fett (
    Image Link)

    Lego Adventurers

    $2.00 Johnny Thunder (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Dr. Kilroy (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Pippin Reed (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Mike (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Mr. Cunningham (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Lord Sam Sinister (
    Image Link)

    Harry Potter

    $3.00 Peeves (
    Image Link)

    Island Xtreme Stunts
    $3.00 Pepper Roni (
    Image Link)
    Note: has some scratches on hat, back of head, and back

    Lego Minifigures
    Series 2

    $3.00 Weight Lifter (
    Image Link)
    Series 7

    $3.00 Swimming Champion (
    Image Link)
    Series 13
    $3.00 Alien Trooper (
    Image Link)
    $3.00 Egyptian Warrior (
    Image Link)
    $3.00 Lady Cyclops (
    Image Link)
    $3.00 Goblin (
    Image Link)

    Star Trek Ships (Galoob Micro-Machines)

    $8.00 Set of Bronze Finish Enterprises (Enterprise through Enterprise D)
    $2.00 Borg Cube
    $2.00 Deep Space Nine (Silver finish)
    $2.00 Galieo Shuttle (Silver finish)
    $3.00 Enterprise D (with detachable saucer section)
    $2.00 Enterprise D (smaller and fixed saucer)
    $2.00 Klingon Vor'Cha Attack Cruiser
    $2.00 Romulan Scout Ship
    $2.00 Romulan Warbird (Silver finish)
    $3.00 Enterprise B
    $2.00 Enterprise C (Silver finish)
    $2.00 Klingon Battlecruiser (Silver finish)
    $2.00 Romulan Scout Ship
    $2.00 Romulan Bird-of-Prey
    Ferengi Marauder
    $2.00 Ferengi Marauder (Silver finish)

    The set of bronze Enterprises comes with stands but the rest are missing stands.

    Odds and Ends
    Marvel Fodder

    SOLD Maria Hill head (reddish hair variant)
    SOLD Sharon Carter head

    $4.00 Marvel Girl head (from Jean and Cable 2-pack)
    $4.00 Horned Ironman helmet
    TRADED Electro scarred head
    $3.00 Hammerhead head
    $3.00 Hobgoblin demonic head
    $2.00 Thor cape

    Display Stands, Etc.

    Scarlet Witch Glider - included with Scarlet Witch figure
    $2.00 Wonder-Man Rider
    SOLD Table with test tubes, flask, notebooks, and file folders (break-away table from Ultimate Lizard)
    $2.00 Yoda Base (Link for Reference)
    $2.00 Flame base from first F4 movie Human Torch
    $2.00 Hulk-buster Iron Man Glider

    Star Wars Figures - Loose Accessories

    $1.00 Force effect (from Yoda SAGA 02-23) *I have the stand from that figure as well if interested*
    $1.00 Electricity effect (not currently sure what this particular piece is from)
    $1.00 Lightsaber energy deflect
    $1.00 Lightsaber energy deflect
    $1.00 Obi-wan's Sith prisoner mask (from Comic Pack #7)
    $3.00 Dagobah survival gear (from R2-D2 SAGA-010)
    $1.00 Battle Droid blaster

    SOLD Flags
    $1.00 Qui-Gon Jinn Tatooine Poncho (Mail Away Offer Figure)
    $1.00 Tsui Choi Jedi Cloak (Order 66 Two-Pack)
    SOLD Leia Endor Poncho
    $1.00 Kit Fisto Jedi Cloak (Droid Factory Set)

    I have a ton of cloth cloaks that I have no real intention of using. I will be going through them in the next few weeks and posting. If you are looking for something particular let me know as I may have it.

    Thanks for looking! Again open to fair offers, just send me a PM.
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    Updates January 10th 2014.

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    Cesspool for sale February 8th.

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    February 21st Bump... Still hoping to get these out to fellow collectors before moving to ebay...

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    Updates... March 3rd 2014

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    March 10th bump!

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    March 20th updates! With images! If interested let me know. If you aren't crazy about the prices let me know as I am open to negotiation and am looking to move this stuff. Will entertain reasonable offers. I tried to price fairly.

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    Updates. I am open to reasonable offers as well. Really hoping to move this stuff soon. PM me with questions or interest.

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    April 8th bump... I would really like to move this items. I am open to reasonable offers. PM me if interested.

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    April 28th bump!

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