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Thread: FS/FT: Cesspool, various figures, odds and ends

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    FT/FS: Various Items (Marvel, Gundam, etc.)

    Hello All,
    I am in a new place and it is half the size of the old one. Double the price and half the size the joy of relocating from rural Pennsylvania to suburban Pennsylvania. I am also doubly lucky to have been cut to half-time this semester due to enrollment drops at my college. Any way, I need to slim down the collection and I want to offer it here to fellow collectors.

    The prices listed below do not include shipping. These prices are not set in stone and I am open to reasonable offers. Especially if purchasing large numbers of items. I am also interested in trades as well, here is a link to my want list. If you have questions or offers please pm me.
    Thank you,

    Prices do not include shipping - provide me your zip and I'll get you a price. I will reduce shipping if you buy multiple items.

    I am open to fair offers.

    Boxed Marvel Figures

    $12.00 Concept Series Captain America Armor Iron Man MISB
    $35.00 Green Goblin (unmasked Norman Osborn) MISB
    TRADED Moon Knight (Vulture BAW series) MISB *this is what I paid with tax - actually $22.34 or something...
    $45.00 War Machine (Iron Man 2 - 6" Walmart exclusive series) MISB
    $9.00 Machine Man (Marvel Legends Allfather Series); no BAF piece
    $15.00 Thor (Marvel Legends Allfather Series); no BAF piece

    Loose Marvel Figures

    $45.00 Sharon Carter (TRU 2-pack); complete with rifle
    $45.00 Maria Hill (TRU 2-pack); complete with both handguns
    $35.00 Nick Fury (TRU 2-pack); handgun and knife *knife has some paint damage from pouch on ankle it can be stored in
    $15.00 Captian America (ToyBiz series 8 Legends); Variant with wings on helmet, complete with shield

    $25.00 Stealth Ironman (TRU Two-pack); complete with spare hands and Stark head
    $15.00 Cable (Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends 2-pack); complete with both handguns

    Marvel Legends pictured below are $8 apiece (plus shipping)

    $8.00 Wonder Man - ionic variant (Legendary Riders series); complete with rider
    $8.00 Tiger Shark (Ultron series); no BAF piece
    $8.00 Spider-Man 2099 (Spider-Man Origins Series)
    $8.00 Demogoblin (Spider-man Origins line); complete with hood and glider
    SOLD Steve Rogers (Terrax series); complete with shield and two handguns
    $8.00 Cyclops (Sentinel series)
    $8.00 Phoenix (Marvel Legends series 6 - ToyBiz); no stand
    $8.00 Misty Knight (Rhino series); complete with golden handgun

    Marvel Legends pictured below are $5 apiece (plus shipping)

    SOLD Ultron (Marvel Legends: Legendary Riders Series); complete with glider
    $5.00 Ghostrider (light-up movie figure); missing chain and light-up feature does not work (needs batteries)
    $5.00 Wasp (Marvel Legends: Modok Series); no BAF piece
    $5.00 Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends: Legendary Rider Series); complete with glider

    Loose Gundam Figures

    $19.00 Kampfer Mobile Suit (MS Gundam 0080); complete with two grenades, two rocket launchers, one short shotgun, one long shotgun, and land mine chain
    $20.00 Shadow Gundam (battle scarred version); complete with extra hands, core lander, and display base $4.00 Cobra Gundam (G Gundam); Missing extra head, extra hands, and energy pieces
    $20.00 G Gundam Fuun Saiki (Gundam Horse)
    $13.00 Strike Gundam; complete with 4 extra pairs of hands, rifle, shield, and switchblade knives
    $14.00 Gundam Wing Zero (deluxe transforming version); complete with extra hands, shield, double buster rifle with three different handles, and saber
    $4.00 Gundam Death Scythe Hell Custom; Missing energy scythe and connectors for wings
    SOLD Cobra Gundam (G Gundam); Missing extra head, extra hands, and energy pieces

    Anime Loose Figures

    $18.00 Spike Spiegel (Kaiyodo figure); includes base with rose in puddle, handgun, loose cigarette, and two extra cigarettes not removed from tray
    $18.00 Vash the Stampede (7" Kaiyodo figure); includes base with "Wanted" post, extra hands, handgun, and kitty
    $20.00 Nicholas D. Wolfwood (7" Kaiyodo figure); includes base with crosses, extra hands, extra head, portable confessional, two handguns, and massive cross gun with coverings

    Pirates of the Caribbean Loose Figures

    $16.00 Captain Jack Sparrow; complete with hat, sword, pistol, and zombie monkey (6-inch scale came from Disney store when Deadman's chest came out)
    $20.00 Davy Jones; complete with hat, sword, staff, pipe, and chest with heart and its key (6-inch scale came from Disney store when Deadman's chest came out)

    Misc. Loose Figures

    TRADED Appleseed Figure; not sure where this figure came form but it is not highly articulated, has a cool gun with removeable clip
    $8.00 Goku; not sure series or anything but it is highly poseable with changeable hands

    Boxed Star Wars Figures

    SOLD Concept Art Snowtrooper (BD48); in Star Case
    SOLD Emperor's Shadow Guard (30th Anniversay) *this one I am struggling to part with but there isn't a place for it...
    $5.00 Unkar's Thug and Jakku Scavenger *note BB-8 is missing*

    Loose Star Wars Figures

    $15.00 Ewok Catapult
    SOLD Ephant Mon (2002-045); missing cane and vibroblade accessories
    $8.00 Luke Skywalker (Heir to the Empire comic-pack)
    $4.00 Anakin-podracer (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive); has a two tools
    TRADED R3-T7 (Power of Jedi AOTC Sneak Peak)
    $2.00 Sith Assassin Droid
    $10.00 Yoda with Kybuck (30th Anniversay #32)
    $8.00 Darth Maul (Sith Evolutions set Sidious, Dooku, Maul) - includes cloak and lightsaber
    $20.00 Purple Disney Series 2 Build-a-Droid (or will trade 1 for 1 for another Disney Droid; I am looking for a few)

    Not yet pictured
    $4.00 Battle Droid (
    Target Exclusive Geonosis Battle Arena 2-Packs; came with Rodian Jedi); complete with blaster

    Build-A-Figure Pieces

    $7.50 Annihilus - Right wing (from Banshee)
    $3.00 Ultimate Green Goblin - Torso (from Spider-Girl)
    SOLD Ultimate Green Goblin - Right arm (from Amazing Spider-man)
    $3.00 Onslaught - Head (from Kitty Pride)
    $6.00 Dormammu - Torso (from Enchantress)
    $8.00 Imperiex - Left arm (from Man-Bat)

    $5.00 Iron Monger - Left leg (from Bleeding Edge Iron Man)
    $10.00 Sentinel - Lower torso (from Omega Red)
    $8.00 Ultron - Torso (from Wasp)
    $6.00 Dormammu - Lower torso (from Nico Mindru)

    Lego Minifigures

    Star Wars
    SOLD Aldar Beebo (Image Link)
    $5.00 Young Boba Fett (
    Image Link)

    Lego Adventurers

    $2.00 Johnny Thunder (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Dr. Kilroy (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Pippin Reed (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Mike (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Mr. Cunningham (
    Image Link)
    $2.00 Lord Sam Sinister (
    Image Link)

    Harry Potter

    $3.00 Peeves (
    Image Link)

    Island Xtreme Stunts
    $3.00 Pepper Roni (
    Image Link)
    Note: has some scratches on hat, back of head, and back

    Lego Minifigures
    Series 2

    $3.00 Weight Lifter (
    Image Link)
    Series 7

    $3.00 Swimming Champion (
    Image Link)
    Series 13
    $3.00 Alien Trooper (
    Image Link)
    $3.00 Egyptian Warrior (
    Image Link)
    $3.00 Lady Cyclops (
    Image Link)
    $3.00 Goblin (
    Image Link)

    Star Trek Ships (Galoob Micro-Machines)

    $8.00 Set of Bronze Finish Enterprises (Enterprise through Enterprise D)
    $2.00 Borg Cube
    $2.00 Deep Space Nine (Silver finish)
    $2.00 Galieo Shuttle (Silver finish)
    $3.00 Enterprise D (with detachable saucer section)
    $2.00 Enterprise D (smaller and fixed saucer)
    $2.00 Klingon Vor'Cha Attack Cruiser
    $2.00 Romulan Scout Ship
    $2.00 Romulan Warbird (Silver finish)
    $3.00 Enterprise B
    $2.00 Enterprise C (Silver finish)
    $2.00 Klingon Battlecruiser (Silver finish)
    $2.00 Romulan Scout Ship
    $2.00 Romulan Bird-of-Prey
    Ferengi Marauder
    $2.00 Ferengi Marauder (Silver finish)

    The set of bronze Enterprises comes with stands but the rest are missing stands.

    Odds and Ends
    Marvel Fodder

    $2.00 Thor cape (Allfather series)
    $4.00 Marvel Girl head (from Jean and Cable 2-pack)
    $3.00 Hammerhead head (Rhino series)
    $3.00 Captain Marvel head (Allfather series)
    $3.00 Hobgoblin demonic head (Space Venom series)
    SOLD Black Widow head (long hair variant from TRU 2-pack)
    $4.00 Horned Ironman helmet
    $3.00 Captain Universe head (alternate with Cosmic Spider-man)
    $2.00 Wonderman flesh hands (Abomination Wave)
    TRADED Hydra rifle (from Crossbones Nemesis wave -I think...)
    $2.00 Mini Yellow Jacket

    Display Stands, Etc.

    Scarlet Witch Glider - included with Scarlet Witch figure
    $2.00 Wonder-Man Rider
    SOLD Table with test tubes, flask, notebooks, and file folders (break-away table from Ultimate Lizard)
    $2.00 Yoda Base (Link for Reference)
    $2.00 Flame base from first F4 movie Human Torch
    $2.00 Hulk-buster Iron Man Glider

    Star Wars Figures - Loose Accessories

    TRADED Force effect (from Yoda SAGA 02-23) *I have the stand from that figure as well if interested*
    $1.00 Electricity effect (not currently sure what this particular piece is from)
    TRADED Lightsaber energy deflect
    TRADED Lightsaber energy deflect

    $0.50 Jedi communicator
    $1.00 Obi-wan's Sith prisoner mask (from Comic Pack #7)
    $3.00 Dagobah survival gear (from R2-D2 SAGA-010)
    $1.00 Battle Droid blaster

    Not Yet Pictured:
    $1.00 Rey's masked head from Walmart Black series exclusive figure (reference).
    $1.00 Rey's bag from Walmart Black series exclusive figure (reference).
    $2.00 Ewok chair from C-3PO (SAGA-042).
    $1.00 Force Pike from Princess Leia (VC64).

    SOLD Flags
    $1.00 Qui-Gon Jinn Tatooine Poncho (Mail Away Offer Figure)
    $1.00 Tsui Choi Jedi Cloak (Order 66 Two-Pack)
    SOLD Leia Endor Poncho
    $1.00 Kit Fisto Jedi Cloak (Droid Factory Set)

    I have a ton of cloth cloaks that I have no real intention of using. I will be going through them in the next few weeks and posting. If you are looking for something particular let me know as I may have it.

    Additionally, free for the taking:
    Cards from Galactic Battle Game
    -Savage Opress
    -Anakin Skywalker (Pod-racer)
    -Pit Droid X2

    Thanks for looking! Again open to fair offers, just send me a PM.
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    Updates January 10th 2014.

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    Cesspool for sale February 8th.

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    February 21st Bump... Still hoping to get these out to fellow collectors before moving to ebay...

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    Updates... March 3rd 2014

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    March 20th updates! With images! If interested let me know. If you aren't crazy about the prices let me know as I am open to negotiation and am looking to move this stuff. Will entertain reasonable offers. I tried to price fairly.

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    Updates. I am open to reasonable offers as well. Really hoping to move this stuff soon. PM me with questions or interest.

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    April 8th bump... I would really like to move this items. I am open to reasonable offers. PM me if interested.

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