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Thread: OT: LEGO Downton Abbey (LEGO Architecture Style)

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    OT: LEGO Downton Abbey (LEGO Architecture Style)

    As I teased in a WIP a few months ago, I've been working on a LEGO Architecture-style model of Highclere Castle, known as Downton Abbey on television. (

    I finished it a few weeks ago, and gave it as a gift for my girlfriend for Christmas. What no one knew, though, is that it was also being written about for a story in a British paper - and it's out there now:
    Daily Mail
    The Sun

    See everything in my Flickr gallery.

    I'm off to my local PBS station for an interview right now.

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    Nice handiwork!
    Beware the dark side of The Force.

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    After a week of whirlwind of media attention (with more to come), I admit I'm a bit late to share my CUUSOO page:

    LEGOŽ CUUSOO | LEGO Architecture Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey)

    I have to reformat my photos to fit the page.

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    Saw you featured on Legos Facebook page, congrats!

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    If anyone out here is in Ireland (I don't remember anyone who is), I'll be on 98FM in about fifteen minutes.

    Everyone else can listen on their website, Home | 98FM

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