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Thread: Question about member notifications

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    Question about member notifications

    Just wondering in light of the toytoni scandal, would it be poor/good form to use the RS forums to send out a notification to alert members who may have purchased from him in the past?

    It's scary, after reading through the threads, even the ones asking if he's still in business from ten years ago, how many people may potentially be financially injured by transacting with him.

    Just a thought. I know I would appreciate an email, even if it were directing me to the General Mills warning thread. From the looks of those threads, a lot of those past members don't appear to be active here, and might not know what's going on.

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    By the way, what I'm suggesting here could only be performed by an admin. If this turns into a thread asking for a show of hands supporting the idea, I'm in favour.

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    It's probably best to send one of the administrators, I'd recommend Chris Wyman, a message if you'd like to see something like this take place. One of them did post about it on the front page of RS a week or two ago about it, so that may have helped some.

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    I think this may be more complicated, as the original buyer from Toni may already sold it on to someone else, so it's like tracing a family tree. Financially the 2nd or 3rd person owing an item from Toni maybe worst off, if you consider them to be genuine and the price may have risen.

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    I thought about that aspect, but I personally wouldn't want that on my conscience either, and were it me, I would want to know.

    Also, thanks Mike for the suggestion but at this time I just wanted to put the suggestion out there. I know for instance this idea has been used on various message boards to announce promotions, contests, etc, and just saw it as one other way to make use of the functionality for the purpose of a community watching out for its members.
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