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Thread: GI Joe Fan Club

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    GI Joe Fan Club

    I am thinking of joining the GI Joe Fan Club. Are any of you part of the GI Joe Fan Club? Is it worth the $ to join? Please let me know your thoughts.
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    I actually wanted to join for a while, but Iceberg just didn't hit the right chord for me. Although I am up for that cross country. And I would like to get this con's set.
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    I've been a member for a few years now, it's had it's ups and downs but it's good for the most part. Yes, this year's Iceberg figure was a stinker that needed some work, but the previous membership figures have been pretty good.

    For $44 (I think it's still that price, might have gone up a few bucks) you get either the 3 3/4" or the 12" exclusive membership figure, 12 issues of the "magazine"- basically a 12 page comic sized newsletter with news that's usually outdated because of the internet, an article or 2, and 2 or 3 2-4 page comic strips. You also get special pricing on their web store and at the Joe Cons. The current club website is a little bare, they have a message board and some news, but that's about it. It use to have older issues of the magazine and other articles and pictures archived.

    You might want to check out and and the many threads about the club there to get a better idea.

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    I've though about joining several times, especially when figures like Kim Arashikage are available. But there are too many duds IMO to pay that price.
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    I joined last year as the JOEcon location was somewhere we could actually go to. The Iceberg figure was a dud, but there wasn't anywhere you could get one otherwise save for a custom. You get some money off of club pricing. The con set will actually save you more than what you pay for your membership if you want to buy the set. I'm going to re-up my membership this year for that reason alone. The Cross Country concept looks good, too. Better than the Iceberg, but that figure was full of broken promises by the club. I don't know if they were completely lying about it or couldn't get their thumbs out of their ***** to produce something of quality. I think most would agree that Dial tone and Claymore looked good.

    Also, you could sell off your free figure if you don't like it and make most of your membership fee back. Not sure what Iceberg is selling for. Last I checked was about $30 or so. The other two mentioned skyrocketed in price because the club did a decent job on it.
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    I have been a member for many years, but as a huge G.I. Joe fan it's always been worth it to me. I also love the conventions and all that. I have varied 3 3/4" and 12" exclusives (I'm an Adventure Team kid).

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    See that's why I never felt it was worth it to me, I'm a bigger fan of SW and marvel. Most of my Joe purchases wind up as custom fodder.

    I'd really like to see them do something similar for SW though, I can just imagine the sets they could make!
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    Thanks all. I appreciate you answering my questions.
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    I do like the Cross County figure the Club is offering. The "Havoc" not so much.

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    I definitely think its worth it, but (other than iceberg) I feel the club has been doing a better job than hasbro with figures lately...

    The club magazine is beyond awful, but access to the figure subscriptions, the con sets, and the annual figure are worth it to me.
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