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Thread: Mosep Binneed (Jabba's palace version)

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    Cool Mosep Binneed (Jabba's palace version)

    This is my first attempt at sculpting a head entirely of clay. It was more difficult than I anticipated. The body is a Jedi Luke with the hands and forearms of an Imperial Navy Officer. The belt is from a vintage Yoda and the sash is cut from an old t-shirt.

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    Sweet! It all comes together nicely!
    "...cross me, and you'll soon discover that under this playful, boyish exterior beats the heart of a ruthless, sadistic maniac."
    -Lord Edmund Blackadder II

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    That headsculpt turned out pretty good! Someday I might have to make this guy.

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    i love your sculpt it is nicely done! someday i would love to try a vintage version of this character. one of my favorite back ground guys for sure
    continuing the vintage custom at a time!

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