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Thread: Can someone decipher this Craigslist post for me?

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    Can someone decipher this Craigslist post for me?

    Star Wars Collection

    I was interested at first looking at a few of the pictures but the description area is unintelligible.

    Seems like the last paragraph or two he is writing directly to George Lucas. I don't want to deal with crazy people.
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    Yes it says "Stay away from me, before I make you some sort of political prisoner in my war against the government" HA HA

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    Nice post! Made me laugh, made my day.
    Hope this guy gets what he wants...
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    Wow. I'm speechless.

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    Thats why people shouldnt write ads after smoking ice...

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    He seems like a real straight shooter.

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    My guess is someone with a mental issue, or possibly from another country where English is not the first language. Other than that, I would RUN. Run far away.

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    Wow...this is an example of why healthcare is required for all. Schizophrenia and bi-polar can be devastating without treatment. :-)
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