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Thread: FT: Have DCC and GI Joe; Want Marvel Legends

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    FT: Have DCC and GI Joe; Want Marvel Legends

    Wants (loose is fine)
    SDCC Psylocke
    SDCC Luke Cage
    XMC Rogue
    XMC Iceman
    ROML Thunderball
    ROML Piledriver
    ML4 or Boxset Gambit
    Previews Sabertooth

    DCC Arkham Origins Bane loose
    DCC Arkham City Hush loose
    GI JOE:
    POC Snake Eyes (loose, missing large black sword and Uzi)
    RET Colton MOC
    RET Ult CC (loose/compete)
    POC Quick Kick loose, no fc
    POC Jungle Viper MOC
    ROC RA Ripcord MOC
    30th Techno Viper MOC
    30th Ghosthawk (loose/complete, if you're just interested in the pilot lmk)
    30th Skystriker MIB
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    "The Wookie has no pants."

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    Updated with new wants.
    "The Wookie has no pants."

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