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Thread: Gimli Toybiz repaint, Lord of the Rings

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    Gimli Toybiz repaint, Lord of the Rings

    Hi there,
    I am on a sideway now (although..) from collecting Star Wars and started to add the incredible Toybiz LOTR figures.
    For repainting and customizing is my hobby like yours, I did this with Gimli:

    I had some issues with this figure.
    The right hand broke of, so had to be fixed with a screw.
    The throwing action is backwards, instaed of forewards.
    To get under the beard when painting, I had to break off the head. It is glued again and can move a bit like before.
    How do you like it?

    The display is in my diorama of Fangorn - see:
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    Here you can find ALL my Lord of the Rings customs:

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