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Thread: WTB: Hot Toys Iron Man figures...

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    WTB: Hot Toys Iron Man figures...

    Does anyone know anywhere that I might be able to find any of the following Iron Man figures at a reasonable price, preferably not eBay or Amazon as I've checked there & I wasn't hopeful. lol

    1) Iron Man mark I (2.0)
    2) Iron Man mark III
    3) Iron Man mark IV
    4) Iron Man mark V
    5) Iron Man mark VI
    6) Iron Man mark VII
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    Been advised by my retailer to wait in order to buy these & save my money as Hot Toys like making them again or probably different versions of the same figures..., so I'll wait & see what turns up, personally I'm hoping for more DIECAST figures.
    "Look Sir, Droids"

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