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Thread: Poncho's Definitive Vintage Starwars Figure Ratings (Beta)

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    Poncho's Definitive Vintage Starwars Figure Ratings (Beta)

    As per title suggests, this is just an idea which im running by you guys and on other vintage forums I may never get round to doing it with little kids running around me all day and a nagging wife :lol: . So yeah anyway A list of all the basic carded figures released with a rating of that figure too see which is the best vintage starwars TOY figure overall!

    This could take a few months too collate the data from users in giving me there ratings via pm's and would be broken down in stages so the first 12 line (starwars) then figures 13-21 (Starwars) then esb releases in stages etc........

    The overrall number of each figure will come from an average of 4 sub categories which all have a rating out of ten
    these categorys are
    category 1) Scuplt and General Look Of The Figure
    category 2) Desirability Of Figure (as a kid or even now you think i must have that figure.....)
    category 3) Playability(as a toy) /Articulation of figure and accessories (weapons/capes etc)
    category 4) Packaging art Photo (the common photo used for the figure throughout the line)

    what do you guys think. good idea or bad?
    regards chris 'poncho'
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    Good idea for a bit of fun Chris, id be putting my money on Bobbafett to come out on top, looking forward to seeing your results, cheers

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    I'll root for either IG-88 or Ackbar. Fett is overrated, in my opinion. He's even got all his uniform colours messed up.

    Would "desirability" be counted as contemporary desirability for the figure or as a thing from when we were kids?
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    Sounds like a fun idea. I like the idea narrowing down a handful of favourites and then facing them against one another. I would participate.

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