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Thread: US Sellers - ebay Global Shipping Programme - thoughts?

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    US Sellers - ebay Global Shipping Programme - thoughts?

    I am in the UK and have used this service twice and unfortunately never again. The 1st time was ok, had to pay import charges up front. The 2nd time, I bought an MOC for $70, then paid over $30 for postage and then paid over $30 for import fees. I was still ok with this till when I received it about 2 weeks later and found that eBay have opened the package to check contents and stuffed it all back in the box and reseal it. Luckily for me the item was not high priced and it arrived safely (they use a cheap local courier service and my parcel was just dropped at the door in plain sight without even a card to say it's been delivered). I have heard stories that ebay have virtually folded a carded figure back into the box and reseal it. I am sure some sellers here also deals on ebay. Do you sign up this Global Shipping Programme? I have promised myself never to use it again.

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    I have had several buyers use this service without problems. All of my items are routed through Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Not sure how to respond to import fees...isnt that known expense when you buy items from another country?
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    I have no issues with paying import duties. What disturb me is eBay are opening carefully packed packages on potentially high price items and repack by someone that don't give a f@#k!! Also if I am paying import duties I quite happily pay them in the UK why pay eBay to pay them for me, I also have no evidence that any of the import duties I paid are being paid to the UK authorities. Just for interest of the quoted postage how much does eBay give you to send it to them within the US?

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    First, you really don't sign up for it when you're a seller in the U.S. In fact, you have to opt out of it as it always has me signed up for it unless I uncheck the box to offer it. That being said, I typically wouldn't offer many of my items for international sale but sometimes forget to "opt out" and it ends up selling to some internationally, so it's not all bad for me. As for how much I get to ship it to a U.S shipping center, it's whatever I charge my U.S based customers so in my case, it's the proper amount. I'm assuming that eBay has contracted something with foreign countries concerning fees. In the old days, everyone just checked it as a gift with a small cost to help buyers avoid paying certain fees. I'm assuming foreign countries are thrilled to get whatever they can via the GSP, as they likely didn't get anywhere near the fees they deserved in the old days.

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    I most recently opted out of the service. I was receiving too many messages from international buyers stating that the fees were out of hand and it made buying from US sellers too expensive. Since opting out my international sales have increased.

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    Yeah the fees are outrageous, both shipping and inport. I usually end up working with the seller to avoid all this nonsense. The import fees are the worst part though, especially in Canada. We don't get hot with those on every parcel, and in myexperience lately its about 1 in 25-50. So being forced to pay pay something up front that I would normally not have to, = avoid.
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    This is what ebay says about the GSP fees:

    “Import charges”: this Programme Fee consists of charges associated with the customs service described above and is comprised of the following variable amounts: sales, goods and services, and value added taxes, duties, tariffs, excise taxes, and other amounts assessed or levied by any government authority in connection with the importation of goods into the applicable country of importation (but excluding income taxes) (“Commodity taxes”); third party brokerage fees (including advancement and disbursement charges and customs brokers handling and filing fees); penalties (but excluding any customs duties, taxes, surcharges, fines, penalties, or other charges which may be imposed on you by customs or tax officials after a GSP Item has successfully cleared customs and been delivered to, or made available for pickup at, the delivery address that you specify); classification charges associated with the assignment of a Harmonized System (“HS”) classification code; charges for export compliance screening and verification and the assignment of an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN); and operational expenses associated with short-term loss recovery and the management of variances between the quoted Import charges and actual costs. Note: at eBay’s discretion, applicable classification and export compliance charges, third party brokerage fees, and operational expenses may instead be included within the Shipping amount that is quoted to you.

    Does that mean you can be tax again??

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    Ok, so ebay is charging third party fees into the GSP, which helps explain why it's so expensive. We as buyers also get shafted with DOUBLE shipping - we have to pay to get the item from the seller to a distribution center, and THEN from that site to our homes. A couple of weeks ago, I won a lot of Han Solo's that included a Carbonite Han with coin for $50. Nice deal. Until GSP wanted to add $80! I spoke with the seller, who was apologetic, but couldn't figure out how to get around it, so we agreed to cancel the whole thing.

    One question for sellers who think this is a great service. Ebay's fees incorporate shipping costs. Does that mean on my above example, the seller would have been charged ebay fees on $130, instead of $60 had he simply used regular shipping? That's where it's going to kill the sellers who think it adds a ton of convenience.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian_C View Post
    One question for sellers who think this is a great service. Ebay's fees incorporate shipping costs. Does that mean on my above example, the seller would have been charged ebay fees on $130, instead of $60 had he simply used regular shipping? That's where it's going to kill the sellers who think it adds a ton of convenience.

    eBay only charges the final value fee for the item and the cost of shipping to their distribution center.

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    Just do a Google search about the GSP and you'll see just how popular it is.

    No way would I want to ship collectibles through a middleman to repack and trust when it's the seller that assumes all risk on ebay. It's bad enough that customs can go through things at will, but at least I know I packed something as good as possible up to that point. There's no way to know what a shipping monkey in Kentucky is doing to care for items that go through their hands.

    I think ebay invented GSP for those US sellers who don't know how to ship internationally and are afraid of it. Honestly, with Paypal now it's so easy because the customs forms are already filled out and you get a discount on the postage rate. Can't beat that because all you have to do is sign the forms and drop them off at the PO. For International buyers I think most experienced ones from certain countries (UK and Australia come to mind) that they will have to pay import tax and they factor the extra costs into their bids.

    I just fear the day that ebay will require all sellers to use GSP unless the experiment falls flat and they get out of it. Not sure if that'll happen until somehow they can feel the financial pain because on an item by item basis, problems will just go back to the seller. Until then no way would I use it.

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