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Thread: OT Rhythmic Irish poetry released by rbc records ft kurupt warren g chino xl m-eighty

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    OT Rhythmic Irish poetry released by rbc records ft kurupt warren g chino xl m-eighty

    Hi, This topic is just directed toward my friends here on rebelscum. I have just signed to rbc reocrds and my debut album rhythmic Irish Poetry has just been released. 2 tracks loving you ft chino xl and down for me ft kurupt of the dogg pound have been released already and have received great feedback and are all over the web. However i am trying to get my first 5 downloads and customer feedback scores on itunes.I would really appreciate it if my friends here would download. Production also includes j french warren g and redhooknoodles.
    Help me rebelscum your mu=y only hope
    Links are below
    Sirplus - Down For Me - Download and Stream | AudioMack
    VIDEO: Sirplus "Thousand Volts Zappin" Rhythmic Irish Poetry 11-26 RBC RECORDS - YouTube
    PHYSICAL: Sirplus | Rhythemic Irish Poetry | CD Baby Music Store

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    Hey Pat, congrats mate, nice work, im not a hip hop fan but i listened to a few of your tracks on youtube and i really enjoyed them, enjoyed the film clip too, and the music has a nice urban irish feel to it, the girls singing sound good too, and you do it well, hope your bound for big things mate, cheers

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    OT: Sirplus A Thing For You

    Sirplus "A Thing For You" Rhythmic Irish Poetry Out Now!!!! - YouTube

    Heres the link to my 3rd single from the album rhythmic Irish poetry. Have a look and tell me what you think

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    Just got past 6 customer ratings on itunes so thank you rebelscum!!!!!!

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    Im back looking for downloads. My goal is too get 30 downloads on itunes before christmas. Even if you dont like hip hop there will be a song on the album you'll like maybe not love but like. So please if you haven't downloaded please do so and help a fellow scummer out thanks sirplus

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    Hi all, Im on 24 digital downloads so thank you from the bottom of my heart to those here who downloaded jusat 6 more to reach my goal for new years thanks again Sirplus

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    Definitely something different Patrick. Beat reminded me of eminem. Like a spinoff of ( Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up). Audio was good. Had a nice balance. Those girls need some more life though. At first i felt i was watching the Office show, couple characters reminded me of Jim and Dwight.
    Great though, Good Job.

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    LOL! good break down check out a thing for you on youtube its my newest singleSirplus "A Thing For You" Rhythmic Irish Poetry Out Now!!!! - YouTube Thanks for the support its greatly appreciated. sirplus

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