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Thread: X-wing fighter display model one off.

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    X-wing fighter display model one off.

    This is a professionally built Incom t-65 X-wing Red 5 . This started out life as the new revell 1/30 X-wing. It has been extensively modified to closer represent the studio miniatures. Model measures 18 inches long with a wingspan of 15 inches and is powered by a 9v battery. Work carried out as follows,
    Intakes widened and corrected
    Engines corrected
    cockpit highly detailed and lit with fibre optics
    R2-D2 lit with fibre optics
    Engines lit with wide angle LEDs
    underside of forward fuselage rebuilt and rescribed
    underside hatch added
    Side panels detailed
    Butt plate detailed and modified
    Luke pilot figure altered and repainted
    Complete repaint and weathering of the ship.

    Looking for 200 or near offer which includes UK posting. Overseas at cost.
    "Asps , very go first!"

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    Price reduced to 120
    "Asps , very go first!"

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