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Thread: A RebelScum member (BobaFett34) needs a little course correcting!!

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    A RebelScum member (BobaFett34) needs a little course correcting!!

    I知 going to get straight to the point here! I知 calling Erik out (Bobafett34) for exercising poor form on his selling thread. I知 not the only one who shares the same sentiments here, so I値l get this started!

    Erik, you know what I知 talking about because I sent you a private email cautioning you on your actions buying mint carded figures off of eBay, RS, or any other site and immediately listing them for sale when you don稚 even have the item(s) in hand, yet! Additionally, you copy and paste the photos off eBay and RS members FS Threads and paste them into yours without the original sellers permissions! But since you blew me off and rudely did it again but to Pascal (Holojedi) this time, a dear friend of mine, I知 taking this public to warn others. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you obviously can't be bothered by anyone's advice!

    Your FS thread states 兎ach item is from your personal collection when, in fact, I and several others know this not to be true! There isn稚 even a disclaimer on your FS thread that you don稚 have some of the items on hand! Maybe that's one of the reasons why you offer partial payment give enough time for the item(s) to arrive in your possession.

    For starters, the AFA graded 85 Canadian Jedi Luke with bluesaber First off, Pascal didn稚 give you permission to use his photos. He also confirms he just mailed the item off to youmeaning it値l take at least a week or so to get to you seeing how it痴 coming from Canada. So, I know you don稚 have it on hand. Besides that point, as soon as you struck a deal with Pascal to buy it you posted it for sale on your thread! And don稚 get me started on your disrespectful email to Pascal!

    Furthermore, don稚 insult me or anyone else with the excuse the Luke Jedi is priced at $1495 because you don稚 think it will sell. What if a collector contacted you right now wanting to buy it? What would be your excuse for not mailing it out immediately after full payment? You post all your AFA graded figs with AFA reports to show the population report in order to entice a collector to buy! I think we all know you want to sell your items!

    My personal email to you was over the 12 Back Sandpeople you purchased off of eBay for $499 and immediately listed on your FS Thread for $895 with the same photos from the original seller痴 eBay page! No disclaimer that you didn稚 have the item, nothing about any ink touch-ups, etc. You acknowledged what I emailed you, yet, did nothing to correct your actions or for sale thread! Only after you received the item in the mail did you realize it had ink touch-ups and immediately removed it from your thread, then proceeded to call out aldcomicsandcollectibles for their 菟oor selling behaviors and shadiness in the Watchout section. I suggest you go back through the thread and read your words and then ask yourself how your selling actions are any different. This is also an interesting thread, outing someone for doing almost exactly what you do!

    Did you get the 21 back Snaggletooth in the mail, yet? Seeing how you just bought it off of eBay on the 22nd or 23rdand it痴 already for sale on your thread with no disclaimer! How do I know this? I look for and buy the same items you do! It痴 funny how something as simple as a picture stands out! Vintage Carded 1978 Kenner Star Wars SNAGGLETOOTH 21 Back Great Condition | eBay

    Though I don稚 have all the details, I know you did the samething to Mete (turkdlit)! Buying an item from him, stealing his photos and reselling it right away.

    Look, I get it! You池e a seller and you池e trying to make a profit!! Nothing wrong there and it痴 your right! However, your selling methods need some serious course correcting! Since you don稚 want to listen to the advice of others from personal emails, maybe you値l listen now in public. -Rob
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    In my opinion that sales thread is the most annoying (and regularly self-bumped) thread in the sales section.

    Selling things that you don't own/have in hand is daft. How can you accurately describe the condition when you have never even seen the item ?
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    There's nothing wrong with buying something from the classified section with the intent to sell it on - if the seller didn't want to sell it they wouldn't be advertising it there.

    However flipping it before you've even got it in hand, and using the sellers own pics without asking, that's a bit too much too soon. Like splitting up with a girlfriend and one of your mates moves in on her the very next day!
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    Well said Rob.

    Buying from members in our classifieds section simply to double the price to other members is extremely poor form. Using their own photos, threatening to send to AFA when nobody buys them, and perhaps pressuring members to post in your FS thread stating "wow, this seller is so amazing!" is just the icing on the cake.

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    Quote from the forum rules: "The purpose of this section is to help other collectors find what they need, so please post in the spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit."

    A seller who exclusively buys only to flip seems contrary to the spirit intended in the rule above.

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    I thought I recognized that figure. Out of curiosity what would that Jedi Luke be worth? Holojedi's FS post has it sold for $300 and BobaFett34 has it listed for $1495.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khan5902 View Post
    I thought I recognized that figure. Out of curiosity what would that Jedi Luke be worth? Holojedi's FS post has it sold for $300 and BobaFett34 has it listed for $1495.
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    I was contacted by Holojedi in regards to the stolen photo situation and removed the stolen photo from this seller's thread. I encourage everyone to contact me if this seller steals your images so I can remove them immediately.

    As far as the rules go, while jacking the price up immediately is unquestionably poor form and selling an item before it's even in-hand is undesirable, the rules do allow vintage sellers to ask what they wish for something. As such, as a mod I can't do anything to prevent this behavior.

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    Sorry, but i see flipping differentlly.
    If you buy something on this forum,
    then have the respect to flip it somewhere else.
    Dont flip it for profit on the same place/forum you bought it from.
    Its disrespectfull and in my opinion a slap in the face to the original seller,
    who now sees an item he sold at reasonable price here, flipped for profit here.
    Common sense really.
    My 2cents.

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    - Members may only offer to sell or trade Star Wars items they own.

    You may include a link to a picture of the item or items for sale, but all relevant information, such as a description of the item and the price, must be included in your post.

    This is from the rules. Can the first quote not be interpreted as ownership only commences once an item is in hand? Considering a description is impossible when this is not so since he cannot describe an item not seen and also not taking into consideration loss or damage during shipment (violating the second quote), I'd think you can use two different rules here to stop this practice.


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