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Thread: Complete Sets?

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    Complete Sets?

    I'm curious as to how many of you have complete sets? And if so, do you consider packaging variations or just the figure itself? I personally have just caught up with a complete set including all card variations.

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    I display my figures loose... so NO packaging variations (tri-logo, etc.) or fantasy figures (First shot Fett or X-mas Yoda) for me. I just purchased a second Ikea Billy bookcase for the recent bounty hunter releases and next years line up.

    I will be opening Bossk, IG-88, Rocket Fett, brown Yoda, orange Yoda, Gamy Guard & Yak Face this weekend after I have assembled the new bookcase. Now I just need to wait for future releases... which buys me time to built a new set of custom backdrops! :O)

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    I have them all too (including the variations) - takes up a great deal of space

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    Nice! I'm missing Obi-Wan and Jawa (both versions) but I'm only collecting from ANH and TESB. I don't have Gamorrean Guard or Yak Face but won't be collecting them. I will be saving for the Wampa as that's kick-*****! I hope the box is exactly the same as the 3.3/4 version. I love this line and agree they do consume serious space.

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    I have all except the Gammy Guard on the ROTJ card which I've been meaning to snag. I got the POTF variant with my PGM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeCardone View Post
    I have them all too (including the variations) - takes up a great deal of space
    Same here. I hope to one day get them all on display (carded) - Need a bigger house first!
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    I'm going to display mine loose - on a shelf, with the card positioned behind the figure (no bubble).

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    I have everything except the original Stormtrooper on ESB card. I sold it off when they released the Stormtrooper on an ANH card because the ESB version was still going for a nice profitable price on Ebay at the time.
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    If these were a little smaller, like say 6" or so, I might have more room but I can't display them all as it is, and I'm 3 shy from completing the first 21. In fact if anyone is looking to unload Red Snags, HH or Greedo I might be interested.

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    They should make a mini version of these. Maybe around 3" or 4" tall. That would be perfect!

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