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Thread: SW Vintage Imperial Troop Transport B&W comic

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    SW Vintage Imperial Troop Transport B&W comic

    Hey gang, just read and learned about some vintage and one-time published SW works, and this was one of them, and was included with the toy back in the day. Seems to be a really simple tale, but gives great visuals of the vehicle and the incident w/ the sandcrawler, showing what could have been if the film wasn't so backed up budget & production-wise. Anyone have or seen this?

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    thx-nice page, wish I kept all my ships and figs back then. Found the comic on ebay, cool score.

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    Yeah, that was a REALLY cool little comic back in the days, and just a neat piece.

    I have to go back and take a look, but I think they just put the troop transporter in one of the more recent comics.. thinking maybe it was in "The Star Wars" ??? Anyone?
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    I remember the ITT vehicle & related b&w comic from back in the day. Great stuff. At the time, it seemed like something that was just "off-screen" in the films. The original ITT had electronic sounds/voices from the film; the later version (Sears exclusive?!) had no sounds, but had more space inside (due to the lack of electronics).

    From a practical standpoint, however, I question whether the Stormtroopers would have used this to look for the droids in the desert. Years ago, I remember reading in a SW book/novel that machinery would typically break down in the desert due to all of the sandstorms, which is why the Troopers used Dewbacks during the search scene.
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    I found this mini comic on eBay, nice...yes, I've also read that the conditions did impair some machinery over time. I read on some vintage toy site regarding the ITT, once they found the empty escape pod and droid tracks, they sent for the ITT to get there more quickly, rather than crawl to them w/ the dewbacks,.. then, the ITT was the instrument used to level the sandcrawler. The animal tracks were the dewbacks making rendezvous w/ the ITT squad (now I would assume the ITT was a speeder/repulsor-type vehicle, leaving no tracks). Luke assumed is was Tuskens based on the cover up by the squad. Ahhhh now I wanna watch TROOPS!
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