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Thread: WTB AT-TE parts

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    WTB AT-TE parts

    My nephew is a big fan of the modern figures. I recently found an AT-TE for him at a flea market.
    It is missing one side leg and all missiles. I've checked ebay and sellers want more for one leg than I paid for the AT-TE.

    Can anyone here help me out with some not too expensive parts?

    The missiles don't have to be original AT-TE missiles as long as they fit the launchers. I'm not familiar with the toy line, but I know it's common for toy makers to reuse parts. It doesn't have to be a full compliment either. I think he will appreciate it even if it just has a few.

    As for the leg, I can even work with a damaged one. I'm a decent modeler and am experienced in repairing and converting 28mm miniatures. As long as it's not destroyed, I might be able to reinforce it or permanently attach it, or something.

    There is also something missing from the top mounted turret. I don't know if it's supposed to be a gun or a missile or what it is. If anyone has whatever it is, I could use that as well.

    If you have anything to offer, please email me at consectari at yahoo dot com

    Thank you for your time.
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