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Thread: Would appreciate some help on how to send to AFA

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    Would appreciate some help on how to send to AFA

    Hey folks. I have worked for almost a year to acquire around 70 or so MOC in gradable condition, and now it is time to push the button and let 'er rip!!!!

    As I get ready to take the plunge, I am still completely in the dark about how the process will go and the best way to protect myself, so a few questions come to mind:

    (1) On the assumption that I am going to grade all 70 of them, how many should I put in one box to be sent at the same time? They will all be in Star Cases, so I am thinking 10 is a good number.

    (2) Do you send it with insurance on it? Average price tag on each (assuming I mix in 12, 21, ESB, ROTJ, POTF all in the same box as opposed to sending a box of just 12 backs, then just 21 backs, etc. to mitigate risk) will be around $150-200 each, so we are talking $1,500-2,000 in value at least in each box. I believe insurance on the way back is included in the price to AFA?

    (3) Any other advice I am not asking the proper questions to get? Thanks!


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    they charge you for insurance on the return trip...just treat the sending in of items how you would treating sending the same valued figures to someone in a sale or trade...if you need help e-mail me, and I can walk you through the application form.


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    If you don't have a fedex account, make one. It's easy and free. It makes filling out the paper work a lot easier. And that will handle insurance for the return trip.

    To answer your questions:
    1) I typically do 8 to 12 per box. Keep in mind, AFA uses BIG boxes to return your stuff, so if you don't want a box the size of your house showing up on your doorstep, you don't want to do more than 10 per box I think. (I just had a box with 12 come, and it's probably about 4 feet along it's longest dimension.) If you tell them to NOT return the star cases with your shipment, it might make the return boxes smaller.
    2) Of course!
    3) See above.

    Edit: actually, that big box was just a little over 2 feet along it's longest dimension, but that still seems really huge for some reason.
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    Thanks, Erik. You are the man. I am gonna take you up on that.
    DR...if you can't get this figured out....let me know and I can help you along with the process. I helped Vtoys and always send items in to be graded.
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    Definitely makes more sense after being able to ask some questions, really appreciate it! I'm happy to help also if I can be of assistance.

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