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Thread: Art by Robert Bailey

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    Art by Robert Bailey

    In my opinion one of the best sketch artist and painter of real life there is and apparently agreed upon by George Lucas & Ian McDiarmid just to name a couple. Originally Robert was well renowned for his depictions of War, particularly aviation and since has begun to complete art for all genres of movies. His art can be found in books, museums, and more importantly to us scummers in George Lucas's house.
    Robert is not only an incredible artist but one of the most polite, well spoken and personable people I have had the honor to meet. I wanted to share his art with my fellow RS community, like his facebook page and lets give this amazing artist the welcome to our community that he deserves. I've posted several images, take a look at his website and facebook page, I guarantee you'll be as amazed as I am.

    Website: Star Wars Aviation Art by Robert Bailey

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    Very cool!

    Loving that Vader/Ahsoka piece.
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    Stunning work, I'd love to get a better look at that AT-AT piece.

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    Very nice work. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    Bailey definitely brings the old-school fantasy to Star Wars art. Can't wait to see more!
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    He's incredible, everyone should check out his facebook page. I sent him the link to RS, I'm hoping he joins so he can begin posting his art work.

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    Here's the first commission I got for Robert, he's currently completing an ROTJ Emperor for me.

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    Here's my ROTJ Emperor commission from Robert, he just finished it and sent me images. I'm seriously so amazed by his art, his facebook page is a daily check just to see the art he's working on. Lately he's been sketching Game of Thrones, Dispicable Me and Star Wars; scummers check it out you'll be wanting commissions as well.

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    Where can you get some of his Star Wars stuff? I saw some AWESOME space fight scenes through FB, but nothing on his website...

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