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Thread: F/S Carded Action Figure Lot of 546/pcs 1995-ROTS

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    F/S Carded Action Figure Lot of 546/pcs 1995-ROTS

    Hello all,

    This is from my personal collection. Every figure was personally selected by me and is in as near mint condition as was available. The collection is nearly complete(CommTech Motti and Leia are missing) with every single carded figure released from the 1995 first run to somewhere near the Revenge of the Sith line when I stopped collecting. I was a big fan of card packaging variants and figure variants so in many cases there will be multiple of certain figures.

    Most figures have been stored in drawer-like tupper containers or individually in Star Cases. I have taken a bunch of pictures. I have not pulled every figure out of there box to take individual ones but every one is accountable in the photos.
    I have a printed list that I kept for most of my collecting time and that list was created using the Wedge Collection Engine found here on Rebelscum.

    In total, I come up with apx. 546 individually carded figures. There are also Exclusives and Mail Away figures that can be added to the lot for the right offer. Images can be seen in the following link which is a viewable link to a Skydrive folder.

    I have many other items from the Kenner/Hasbro line that may go. Sadly, this is because of some major repairs I need to make on my car.

    Please, Serious questions and request only,
    Thank you for looking,


    It seems I neglected to add some crucial info to this post so I will do so now.

    My thoughts on price are certainly open for negation or debate. The only thing I have to base a price for something like this is a scout thru some completed ebay auctions. There was only one that was close to this many figures and it was for $3000. If any one has an opinion on how fair of a value this would be, I'd love to hear it.

    Also, I live near Scranton, PA and would very much like to extend special considerations to someone within driving distance of here so we could skip the shipping process.

    Please, if there is any thing else I should have added to this listing, feel free to contact me.
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    Hey TJ, forum rules states that you must post a price for individual pieces or a whole lot if pictured/linked in your post. Good luck in your sales and you might want to let people know what state you are located in, if they want to offer to buy the whole lot, and want to pick up in person to save on shipping costs.

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    Sorry, I don't usually sell so I guess I hadn't thought it threw very well. I'll update the post now. Thank you.

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