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Thread: Thor 2's Kurse figure: Yuuzhan Vong double-duty

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    Thor 2's Kurse figure: Yuuzhan Vong double-duty

    If anyone's looking to add to their Yuuzhan Vong detachment (currently consisting of Nom Anor and Kyle Katarn's big pal), here's a way to do it. I picked up this yesterday. Frankly, the sculpt and articulation say Star Wars more than Marvel Universe/super hero. Heck, if you were going do design a Yuuzhan Vong Sith Lord (if there could be such a thing), you couldn't do much better. Pretty cool.

    Marvel Thor the Dark World Marvel's Kurse Figure | Action Figures for ages 4 YEARS & UP | Hasbro

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    Sure why not.

    Even the aliens in Avengers they look more like the typical Star Wars alien

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    The two Yuuzhan Vong figures that were already made were two too many.

    By itself though it's a cool figure though.

    I kind of wish there were a more consistent design aesthetic between Hasbro's various 3 3/4" brands.
    G.I. Joe, Marvel, and Star Wars all have just enough different in their designs- like knee joints, crotches, visible screws, etc., each owing to a different origin of Kenner, Hasbro in the 80's, and sort of homage to old Toy Biz- that they kind of don't look good together.
    Indiana Jones figures are the only ones that really have the same aesthetic as Star Wars.

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