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Thread: Gold Leader-Dutch or Hutch???

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    Gold Leader-Dutch or Hutch???

    Hey guys,

    I was watching ANH again last night,and im pretty certain that Gold Leader (really my friend Angus Macinness) is called Hutch (not Dutch) when the other pilot says "we lost Hutch".Seriously,listen to this part closely just after his Y-wing gets blown up,and see what you think.

    I suppose it doesnt matter,but it only jumped out at me last night.We all know him as Dutch,but see for yourselves...

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    Ha! I was JUST watching that sequence again last night, too...and paying much more attention to Angus Macinness due to your recent signing with him. Great stuff. (And it does sound a lot like Hutch.)
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    Hutch in the script/film, Dutch in the EU/merchandise. So his "real" name is Hutch.
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    You just found a way for my buddy Angus to sign twice as many have to have both variations!
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