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Thread: Denys Fisher 12"

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    Denys Fisher 12"

    Hoping someone can give me some information regarding 12" figures made by Denys Fisher, I have C3P0, Darth Vader and Han Solo all boxed in nice condition. Are these vary rare and collectable? Anyone know their value?

    Many thanks

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    I think reaching out to Lee Bullock is your best bet. He's the man to speak to I believe when it comes to this kind of item.
    Some where in the Outer Rim Territories...

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    You can find it here: We also knew about Denys Fisher dolls in France. The Stormtrooper was the only way to get it (not retailed in a printed Meccano box); and the Chewbacca was imported in 1980, probably to avoid running production again. These boxes were marketed with french notification stickers as shown in my box

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