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Thread: Which cards?

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    Which cards?

    Can anyone fill in some Kellerman blanks for me?

    On which cards is Luke farmboy now known to exist, which are listed as 'possibly does' or 'probably does not' in kellerman?

    I'm thinking especially of:
    ROTJ-48 back
    ROTJ-65A back

    And any Gunner card other than the 77a back.


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    ROTJ Luke Skywalker 48 Back it does exist , see above link.
    ROTJ Luke Skywalker 65 A Back as far as I know it doesn't exist , the 65 B Back does .
    ROTJ Luke Skywalker 79 Back is unconfirmed .
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    Thanks Lt. I'll check it out.

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    Thanks. That's a real help.
    Some awesome work done by collectors.
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