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Thread: FS GG Busts to Europe

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    FS GG Busts to Europe

    I have a couple of busts that I'm open to any offers on...

    Qui Gon Jinn

    Darth Vader ROTS

    Galactic Marine

    Airborne Trooper

    ROTS White Clone Trooper, Utupau Trooper, 501st Trooper and Coruscant Trooper.

    I also have the Snaggletooth statue which again is open to offers but due to the sheer size of the box will be costly to ship.

    All come boxed and with COA. Shipping for the smaller boxes should be no more that €15 to mainland Europe (I'm based in Ireland) but for the larger Clones boxes it is likely to be about €25-€30 to ship. If anyone is interested in the Snags statue please make an offer and tell me where you are based and I will get a shipping quote. I will combine shipping. If interested make me an offer!

    I will also have a new and unopened PGM Exclusive Mace Windu in hand shortly but can't let it go for anything less then €50. (Mace is now sold)

    Please PM me if interested.

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